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Why We Have the Language Wrong By Ron “Fog” Hahn For the past four years I have had the privilege of being the Deputy Director for the Joint Electronic Warfare Center (JEWC) at US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). Over this period, we have made some significant contributions to the Department of Defense. Many in the electronic warfare (EW) community are familiar with our work on the EW Capabilities-Based Assessment and the EW Initial Capabilities Document (ICD). Both of these efforts have provided groundbreaking work and provided critical analysis on EW and EW-related capability gaps/threats. However, our most important work has focused on elevating the discussion and importance of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and the critical need for an EMS strategy. Over the past few months we are seeing more and more debate on the terminology of EW, IO, Cyberspace, EMS, EMS Warfare and others. The previous two issues of this magazine have featured – “EW, the EMS Domain and Air Superiority” by Lt Col Jeffrey Fischer in the September JED and “A Structural View of EM Spectrum Warfare,” by Lt Col (Ret.) Jesse “Judge” Bourque in the October edition. While both are exceptionally well written and thought-provoking articles, I would like to offer an alternative viewpoint on both EMS domain issues and the lexicon argument addressed in these articles. THE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF THE EMS The DOD has developed a net-centric environment that is completely dependent on the use of the EMS for all six warfighting functions – intelligence, fires, command and control, maneuver, logistics and force protection – regardless of where we are at in the range of military operations. Figure 1 is the OV-1 (Operational View-1 High Level Operational Concept Graphic) from the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC)-approved EW ICD. It is something that we (the JEWC) have been extremely proud of, and it is designed to graphically depict this concept. CYBERSPACE AND THE EMS Following the development of the EW ICD, the JEWC participated in an EW Organizational Study for USSTRATCOM. Part of this work involved reaching out to leaders in the defense community and Figure 1 – Electromagnetic Spectrum Control (Source: USSTRATCOM Electronic Warfare Initial Capabilities Document, approved by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, JROCM 177-09, 30 OCT 2009).

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JED - November 2010
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