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message f ro m the p re s i d e nt Association of Old Crows 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 300 Alexandria, VA 22314-1652 Phone: (703) 549-1600 Fax: (703) 549-2589 PRESIDENT Chris Glaze VICE PRESIDENT Walter Wolf SECRETARY Joe “JJ” Johnson TREASURER Kenneth Parks AT LARGE DIRECTORS Richard Morgan David Hime Kenneth Parks Michael “Mick” Riley William “Buck” Clemons Steven Umbaugh Cliff Moody Linda Palmer Paul Westcott REGIONAL DIRECTORS Southern: Wes Heidenreich Central: Judith Westerheide Northeastern: Nino Amoroso Mountain-Western: Lt Col Jesse “Judge” Bourque, Joint EW Center Mid-Atlantic: Bill Tanner International I: Col René Kaenzig, Swiss Air Force International II: Gerry Whitford Pacific: Joe “JJ” Johnson APPOINTED DIRECTORS Vince Battaglia Doug Swoish Robert Giesler IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Kermit Quick AOC STAFF Don Richetti Executive Director Norman Balchunas Director, Operations Carole H. Vann Director, Administration Shelley Frost Director, Meeting Services Ken Miller Director, Government, Industry & Public Relations Kent Barker Director, Conferences Glorianne O’Neilin Director, Membership Operations Joel Harding Director, Information Operations Stew Taylor Marketing Manager Jackie Kelly Conference Manager Tanya Miller Member and Chapter Support Manager Jennifer Bahler Registrar Justin O’Neilin IT Manager Natasha Miller Member Services NEW HORIZONS 12 The Journal of Electronic Defense | December 2009 or those of you who attended the AOC’s International Convention and Symposium this year, you may have heard a low level “buzz” moving through the general sessions and classified session about an emerging doctrinal construct called “Spectrum Warfare.” Although it is not an entirely new concept, Spectrum Warfare is beginning to gain momentum in the impressive wake of being created by the Joint Electronic Warfare Center’s (JEWC) Electronic Warfare Capabilities-Based Assessment (EW CBA) and the subsequent approval of an EW Initial Capabilities Document (ICD). As a former Joint Staff action officer who was deeply involved in EW and Information Operations (IO) policy and doctrinal issues, I can tell you that the JEWC, USSTRATCOM and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff appear to be moving in a doctrinal direction that is conducive to the future health of Electronic Warfare. By the time you read these words, the JEWC, the EW Service Leads, the Joint Spectrum Center and members of the AOC staff will have met to discuss a lexicon of terms which may help to define a “new horizon” for Electronic Warfare within a Spectrum Warfare construct. And what is this new horizon? Over the past ten years, EW professionals and advocates within and outside of the Services have highlighted the importance of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) to current operations. In fact, the JEWC defines the EMS today as the “oxygen” of joint operations. This basic understanding of the importance of operations within and across the spectrum can only benefit the EW mission area and highlight the necessary resourcing required to ensure our warfighters have the EW capabilities they need to be successful. Having worked directly on EW and IO doctrinal publications in the past, I can tell you that developing a Spectrum Warfare construct will be a long and difficult process. However, in my discussions with the JEWC and the EW Service leads, I sense a renewed vigor and serious contemplation of how a Spectrum Warfare construct may be developed. In developing a lexicon or terms of reference for Spectrum Warfare, I would remind those involved that the definition of Electronic Warfare within Joint Publication 1-02 (JP 1-02) has remained constant for at least 30 years now. My opinion is that the definition of EW has stood the test of time and should not be changed. However, the scope of the definition has changed over the years and is most readily apparent in the expanding EMS target sets our warfighters have experienced since the early 1990s. The EW mission area can be a significant component of the Spectrum Warfare construct, along with missions such as spectrum control and management. I applaud the efforts of the JEWC and the Service EW leads. Now let’s move forward and explore this further. – Chris Glaze

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JED - December 2009
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JED - December 2009