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w o r l d report DUTCH TO BUY ESM FOR M-CLASS FRIGATES The Netherlands Ministry of Defence is soliciting tenders for procurement of ESM systems for the Royal Netherlands Navy’s two Karel Doorman-Class frigates. Also known as Multipurpose or MClass frigates (they can be used in anti-submarine, anti-aircraft or surface combat roles), eight ships were built by the De Schelde Group (now part of the Damen Shipyards Group) in Flushing, Netherlands and delivered between 1991 and 1995. The Netherlands has sold six of the M-Class ships to Belgium (two ships in 2005), Chile (two ships in 2004) and Portugal (two ships in 2006). The HNLMS Van Amstel and the HNLMS Van Speijk have remained in Netherlands service and will receive the ESM upgrade. The ESM procurement would replace the receiver portion of the APECS II system, which was the original EW system installed on all eight of the M-Class ships. The M-Class frigates’ EW suite also includes the Mk 36 Super Rapid Blooming Off-Board Chaff (SRBOC) naval decoy system. ITT RSS (Morgan Hill, CA) is expected to bid for the ESM upgrade, as are Thales, Indra, Rockwell Collins and possibly Elettronica. The contract may include an option to provide two ESM systems for the MClass frigates in service with the Belgian Navy – F930 Leopold I and F931 Louise-Marie. The program point of contact for the ESM upgrade is CDR T.D. van Hoorn, +31 7 03 16 34 08, e-mail TD.v.Hoorn2@mindef. nl. Submissions are due by February 12, 2009. – E. Richardson and J. Knowles In Brief ❍ CILAS (Orleans, France) has delivered a prototype for the compact Mid Infrared Laser for DIRCM Application (MILDA) to the French MOD’s Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA). CILAS was awarded the MILDA development contract two years ago, as a second phase of DGA’s CESAM project. ❍ Elbit Systems (Haifa, Israel), has completed acquisition of BVR Systems at a cost of approximately $34 million. BVR develops and produces training, simulation and debriefing systems for air, sea and ground forces. It has been very successful with domestic and international sales of its In Flight EW Simulator (IFEWS). ❍ AAI Corp’s ESL Defence unit has sold its 500th Baringa Missile Warning System Test Set. The latest sale was made to the UK Military of Defence. Baringa test sets are used to stimulate multiple types of missile warning systems for test and training applications. It is used by more than 15 countries. ❍ Thales Land and Joint Systems has successfully tested its new IR warner system, being developed in partnership with Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation for the Australian Defence Force. The system, based on the company’s Elix-IR missile warner, is intended for vehicles and integrated with vehicle-mounted weapons and countermeasures systems to provide warning of anti-tank guided munitions, rocket propelled grenades and small arms fire. a The Journal of Electronic Defense | December 2009 GERMANY SELECTS ESM FOR FRIGATES Germany has tapped Rockwell Collins (Richardson, TX) to provide ESM systems for the country’s F125 frigates, which are to be used for special operations and stabilization missions around the world. Four frigates are currently on order with the Arge F125 consortium, which comprises German ship builders ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (including subsidiaries Blohm + Voss and Nordseewerke) and Lurssen Werft. Deliveries are scheduled for 2017-2022. The F125 frigates will be fitted with Rockwell’s CS-3600 radar ESM (R-ESM) system, which includes the CS-300 pulse analyzer unit, CS-5998 wideband tuners, CS-5020 microwave tuners, IFMR-6070 instantaneous frequency measuring receiver and the FS-6090 precision intercept spectral monitoring (PRISM) system. Work will be performed at Rockwell Collins and system deliveries are scheduled from 2010 to 2013. The F-125s will also be fitted with the Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) from Rheinmetall Waffe Munition, with each ship carrying four MASS dispensers. – E. Richardson and J. Knowles UAE BUYS AEW AIRCRAFT The United Arab Emirates has selected Saab to provide Airborne Early Warning (AEW) surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. The contract, worth approximately 1.5 billion SEK (roughly US$220 million), calls for two Saab 340 AEW aircraft fitted with the company’s Erieye active phased array pulse Doppler radar. The sale includes ground equipment, logistics, spares and support services. The UAE order also is believed to include Saab’s HES-21 ESM system, which features digital narrow band and wide band receivers combined with an interferometer antenna array. The basic system covers 2-18 GHz, with options to extend coverage down to 0.7 GHz and up to 40 GHz. The first aircraft for the UAE would be delivered in late 2010, with the second coming in early 2011. – E. Richardson

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