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JED Details quick look Page # Details Page # Lockheed Martin, CHALS-C subsystem for Guardrail 53 Lockheed Martin, electronics units reorganization 17 Marilyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin 17 Multi-Algorithm Unique Emitter Identification, SBIR Topic 24 Naval Air Warfare Center, bids for combat and airborne threat simulation support 20 Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division 16 Naval Surface Warfare Center, low-cost antenna market survey 20 Netherlands, ESM System for M-Class frigates 26 Northrop Grumman Information Systems ESL, Guardrail modernization 52 Northrop Grumman, ALR-67(V)2 RF amplifier contract for Spain 21 NSWC Crane, partnership with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab 20 Office of Naval Research, JCREW BAA 15 Orlando Carvalho, Lockheed Martin 17 Radar Jamming Equations, EW 101 56 Radio Reconnaissance Technologies, US Navy contract for handheld receivers 20 Raytheon Missile Systems, AGM-88 repair contract 21 Raytheon, ALE-50 solid state system upgrade contract 21 Rockwell Collins, ESM for German frigates 26 Saab, Erieye AEW for UAE 26 Scott Francis, Zeta Associates 50 SIGINT software 50 SIGINT software “App Store” concept 54 Spectrum warfare 12 Submersible Outboard Cable Failure Detection, SBIR Topic 24 Telephonics, Sierra Nevada contract for CREW 3.1 21 Thales Land and Joint Systems, IR warner test 26 The NAVWAR Trinity, AFRL research topic 18 TRITON, COMINT boxes 51 UAE, Airborne Early Warning aircraft buy 26 US Army Guardrail, COMINT suite 52 US Army, Prophet 51 US Navy, high power microwave antenna RFI 18 Wideband Antenna Technology for Submarines, SBIR Topic 24 William L. Graham, Lockheed Martin 18 Zeta Associates, X-MIDAS for Guardrail 53 2010 EW SIGINT Resource Guide 28 AAI Corporation, contract for EW Test Program Set 20 AFRL, 2010 EW research topics 18 Airborne Tactical Advantage Co, US Navy contract for Commercial Air Services 20 Anthony Vozza, former EW leader 59 AOC Crane Chapter scholarship awards 59 AOC UK Chapter 59 Argon ST, C4ISR training center 21 Argon ST, High Band COMINT for Guardrail 53 BAE Systems, COMINT architecture 53 Boeing Digital Receiver Technology, COMINT software 50 CAPT John Green, PMA-234 20 Christoper Kubiansk, Lockheed Martin 17 CILAS, laser jammer prototype for France 26 Cobham M/A-COM SIGINT products, COMINT software 50 COMINT software 50 Counter Directed Energy Weapons, SBIR Topic 24 The Journal of Electronic Defense | December 2009 Defense Secretary Robert Gates 24 Digital RF Memory Jammer Simulator, SBIR Topic 24 Distributed EW Development (DISTEW) 18 DOD IED Task Force 24 DOD SBIR Solicitation 24 DRS Signal Solutions, COMINT software 50 Eclipse Electronic Systems, COMINT software 50 Elbit Systems, completed acquisition of BVR 26 EP-3E COMINT software investment 53 ESL Defence, 500th Baringa Test Set 26 France, Mid Infrared Laser for DIRCM Application (MILDA) 26 General Dynamics, Prophet Enhanced 51 Germany, selection of ESM for frigates 26 JCREW 3.3 Technology 15 John Mikulsky, Endwave Corporation 21 Joint EW Center 12 Kerry Rowe, Argon ST 53 L-3 Communications, US Navy contract for ALQ-99(V) Band 5/6 transmitter output TWT 20 Linda Gooden, Lockheed Martin 17 With more than 50 years of electronic warfare experience, BAE SYSTEMS is pleased to sponsor the JED Quick Look.

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JED - December 2009
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JED - December 2009