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wa s hi ng t o n rep ort DOD RELEASES SMALL BUSINESS SOLICITATION TOPICS The Department of Defense (DOD) has “pre-released” its Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) topics for FY2012. This year’s list of topics includes many electronic warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) projects for the Air Force, Navy and Army. Typically, the DOD awards hundreds of SBIR study contracts each year – most for less than $100,000, though some projects receive funding for follow-on phases that include software development or creation of prototype hardware. Because this research often addresses risk reduction for future EW and SIGINT concepts, it can provide insight into key challenges that will be addressed in future programs. chip-based solution for a quantum cascade laser (QCL) with no mechanical moving parts of any kind, high continuous wave (CW) output power, excellent beam quality, and very wide tunability in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) spectral range.” The laser will be used in DIRCM applications. Contact (760) 939-0239. • Another Navy topic, N121-034, “High-Speed, HighFidelity, Reprogrammable Kernel for Use in Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Systems and High-Speed Signal Digitization and Processing Applications,” NAVAIR asks respondents to “evaluate, design, fabricate and demonstrate the framework of a high-speed, high-fidelity, reprogrammable kernel for use in digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) systems and high-speed signal digitization and processing applications.” Contacts: (760) 793-7762 or (760) 301-4253. • Topic N121-046, “Spatially-Distributed Electron Beam Technology for Millimeter-Wave Amplifiers,” is supporting the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP). Under this effort, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) wants “to develop and evaluate a spatially-distributed electron beam gun and beam transport system suitable for use with a high power millimeter-wave vacuum electronics amplifier.” The point of contact is David Abe, (202) 404-4513, e-mail • Topic N121-070, “SIGINT Interfaces and Processing Infrastructure for Submarines” is being sponsored by NAVSEA’s Submarine Imaging and EW Program Office (PMS-435). It aims to “develop innovative new interfaces and the processing architectures that facilitate the transfer of terabytes of data per second from the digitizers of the signal acquisition front end to the processing resources of the EW system.” The point of contact is Steve Henry, (401) 832-7849, e-mail Air Force • Under Topic AF121-022, “Debrief and After-Action Review Technologies for Electronic Warfare Simulation and Training,” the Air Force Research Lab’s Human Performance Wing seeks to “develop next-generation technologies/methodologies for debrief of Electronic Warfare (EW) training simulations in simulators, Distributed Mission Operations, and Live-Virtual -Constructive domains.” The point of contact is David Simmons, (937) 938-2559, e-mail • Topic AF121-135, “Passive multi-spectral sensor for defense against hypersonic missiles (SAMs and A-A)” is sponsored by AFRL’s Sensors Directorate. It aims to “design and demonstrate a new, innovative threat warning sensor system capable of detecting missiles at launch and in flight in sufficient time to execute effective defensive actions.” The point of contact is John McCalmont, (937) 528-8805, e-mail • Topic AF121-136, “Low Frequency Direction Finding Antennas for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS),” is seeking small, conformal antennas for VHF direction finding (DF) applications on small UAVs.” The point of contact is Michelle Champion, (937) 528-8963, e-mail michelle.champion@ • Topic AF121-138, “Airborne Passive Radar,” seeks situational awareness for combat aircraft without emitting any signals that could be intercepted or exploited. Specifically, the project calls for the design and demonstration of “a passive radar air to air detection sensor system for aircraft installation that can passively detect and track other aircraft.” The point of contact is Alan Kerrick, (937) 904-9330, e-mail 22 The Journal of Electronic Defense | December 2011 Army • Under Topic A12-034, “Real-Time Handling and Planning System for Operational Decisions (RHAPSODy),” PEO IEW&S seeks to develop a “real-time electronic warfare common picture capability. The capability will also provide a means of collaboration between Electronic Warfare (EW) operators and other Battle Command Functional Areas.” The point of contact is Lorna Carmichael, (443) 861-0715, e-mail • Topic A12-035, “Helicopter Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI) Sensor Development,” also sponsored by PEO IEW&S, will focus on defining a system “to detect and classify ballistic unguided munitions (subsonic and supersonic) at distances up to 100 meters from Army rotary wing aircraft, using low-observable sensor technology.” The point of contact is Nick Moy, (443) 8610616, e-mail The full list of SBIR topics, which includes many other EW and SIGINT projects, is available on-line at http://www.acq. Proposals will be accepted beginning December 12 and are due by January 10. – JED Staff a Navy • Under Topic N121-032, “Low-Cost, Robust, Monolithic Semiconductor Mid-Infrared Laser With Very Wide Tunability,” Naval Air Systems Command (PMA272) seeks development of a “compact, monolithic

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