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MCC AAC Parks Canada Canada’s National Parks and National Historic Sites MOTOR COACH CANADA L’ASSOCIATION DES AUTOCARISTES CANADIENS Special Places for All Time…Help us protect them Parks Canada’s mandate on behalf of the people of Canada is to protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, and to foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure the ecological and commemorative integrity of these places for present and future generations. Experiencing the Stories of Canada Parks Canada manages 42 national parks, more than 150 national historic sites and canals, three national marine conservation areas and 10 of 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across Canada, including the newly designated Rideau Canal Corridor in eastern Ontario. These all form a network of special places throughout Canada. Each tells its own story and contributes to the greater story of Canada. Whether your clients are individual travelers, vacationing families, adventurers or a tour group, there are parks and sites where your clients can experience quality programs and services that help to convey the essence of Canada, and to give your clients a memorable Canadian vacation. Fees—Volume Discounts, FIT Rates and Commercial Group Tour Fees Parks Canada has committed to providing 18 months advance notice of any changes to travel trade fees. Fees through to the end of the 2009 operating season are published on Parks Canada’s travel trade Website, www.,, along with details on volume discounts. New revenues from fees are invested back into each national park and national historic site to help maintain and support quality visitor facilities. Special Programs for Students Where better to learn about and experience history than where it really happened? Many national historic sites across Canada cater to student group tours, some even with sleepovers. Look for details and downloadable product sheets on Parks Canada’s travel trade web site in the new student programs tour section. Parks Canada Discovery Centres FIT visitors and motor coach tours are discovering a new generation of Parks Canada Discovery Centres across Canada, developed to provide the visitor a more indepth hands-on experience. Plan to visit the Canada Marine Discovery Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, the Discovery Centre at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, or the Greenwich Interpretation Centre in Prince Edward Island National Park. For more information, please contact the appropriate regional specialist listed at the end of this Parks Canada section. Parks Canada Vacation Planners and National Tollfree Information Service Visitors and tour operators highly value the detailed trip planning information included in Parks Canada’s series of vacation planner booklets. They contain concise trip planning information on each national park and national historic site, including specific activities and places to experience. Many tour operators like using these. There are two ways you can obtain them. The fastest and most convenient way is to go online to and, on the introductory page, click on Planning Your Visit. You can download or print the booklets. The second option is to order single copies or bulk quantities (up to 50 copies), at no charge, by calling the Parks Canada National Information Service at (888) 773-8888 from within North America. Find Parks Canada on the Web Parks Canada has two Websites to serve you. The travel trade Website at traveltrade is your best source for current information on commercial group tour entry fees for Canada’s national parks and national historic sites; contacts for itinerary planning assistance in each region across Canada; and tour operator-oriented fact sheets and special group programs on our national park and national historic site. The main web site offers more descriptive information on each national park and national historic site, plus details on dates and hours of operation, etc., as well as on special offerings such as annual national entry passes and campground reservations. The 2009 Canadian Tour Planner & Operator Guide 23

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Tour & Travel Canada 2009
Message from the Chairman of the Management Board of Motor Coach Canada
Canadian Provincial/Territorial Carrier Requirements and Contact Information
Provincial Tourism Marketing Offices
Driver Hours of Service Rules
U.S. Passport Rule
Border Crossing Information for Visitors to Canada Arriving by Motor Coach
Canadian Immigration and Customs Contact Numbers and General Information
American Drivers and Tour Directors Working in Canada
Parks Canada National Parks and Historic Sites of Canada
Manitoba Lotteries
British Columbia Lotteries
Distances Between Major Cities
Tour Operator Listings
Coach Operator Listings
Feature: Going Green Why Motorcoach Travel is Good for Your Wallet—and Our Planet!
Welcome to Canada
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Tour & Travel Canada 2009