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MCC AAC Message from the Chairman of the Management Board of Motor Coach Canada MOTOR COACH CANADA L’ASSOCIATION DES AUTOCARISTES CANADIENS 2008 Canadian Tour Planner & Operator Guide is published for: Motor Coach Canada 4141 Yonge Street, Suite 306 Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A8 (416) 229-9305 published by: Naylor (Canada), Inc. 100 Sutherland Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3C7 (800) 665-2456 Publisher: Elena Langlois Editor (Naylor): Suzy A. Richardson Editorial Coordinator (MCC): Diane Leacock Sales Manager: Derek Kuzina Project Manager: Kim Davies Book Leader: Cheryll Oland Advertising Sales Representatives: Robert Bartmanovich, Bill Biber, Chris Bogacki, Jenna Boholij, Cameron Bonham, Debbie Brown, Angela Caroyannis, Katie Castro, Anook Commandeur, Janet Corbe, Candace Dyck, Jennifer Dzuba, Cathie Filyk, Meaghen Foden, Kathy Getz, Amanda Goodwin, Megan Hardwick, Mark Hawkins, Ralph Herzberg, Brian Hoover, Jennifer Jandavs-Hedlin, Pat Johnston, Adam Lingenfelter, James Mahar, Cheryl Miller, Robyn Mourant, Teresa Niessen, Richard Parks, Scott Pauquette, Gordon Phillips, Bill Polack, Paul Shefchyk, Dawn Stokes, Lana Taylor, Ainsley Tyler, Chris Vermeulen, Norma Walchuk, Thomas Warsaba Marketing & Research: Amanda Everett Layout & Design: Dan Proudley Advertising Art: Gregg Paris or the last three years, MCC has published the Canadian Tour Planner and Operator Guide. With all of its information, it has been of great value to Coach and Tour Operators across Canada and the U.S. Its main benefit is that it provides Coach and Tour Operators the help they need in planning tours to Canadian provinces and territories. Not only does it provide help in planning tours, but it provides specific information on border crossings, Canada Customs and Immigration, and provincial/territorial operating requirements. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that June 1, 2009 is the date on which travelers to the U.S. will be required to present a passport or other approved secure document denoting citizenship and identity for all land and sea travel into the U.S. Since motor coach travel is the most environmentally friendly mode, we believe we can attract more passengers with the right promotion. MCC is doing its share in promoting environmental awareness among its members. For this reason, the article on page 38 of this year’s Guide will be of particular interest to tour and coach operators.This Guide provides information that will assist you in promoting motor coach travel. As you peruse this 4th edition of the Canadian Tour Planner and Operator Guide, we hope that it will continue to be of great value to you. Sincerely, F Dale Janzen (Fehr-Way Tours, Winnipeg) Chairman of the Board Motor Coach Canada PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2008/MTR-G0008/8092 Canadian publication mail agreement #40064978 Postmaster: Send change of Canadian address to: Naylor (Canada), Inc. Distribution Department 100 Sutherland Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3C7 The 2009 Canadian Tour Planner & Operator Guide 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Tour & Travel Canada 2009

Tour & Travel Canada 2009
Message from the Chairman of the Management Board of Motor Coach Canada
Canadian Provincial/Territorial Carrier Requirements and Contact Information
Provincial Tourism Marketing Offices
Driver Hours of Service Rules
U.S. Passport Rule
Border Crossing Information for Visitors to Canada Arriving by Motor Coach
Canadian Immigration and Customs Contact Numbers and General Information
American Drivers and Tour Directors Working in Canada
Parks Canada National Parks and Historic Sites of Canada
Manitoba Lotteries
British Columbia Lotteries
Distances Between Major Cities
Tour Operator Listings
Coach Operator Listings
Feature: Going Green Why Motorcoach Travel is Good for Your Wallet—and Our Planet!
Welcome to Canada
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
British Columbia
Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut
Welcome to the United States
U.S. New England
U.S. Middle Atlantic
U.S. South
U.S. Midwest
U.S. Southwest
U.S. West

Tour & Travel Canada 2009