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MCC MOTOR COACH CANADA L’ASSOCIATION DES AUTOCARISTES CANADIENS Moving Group Travel Into The Fast Lane THROUGH MARCH 31, 2010 – An OMCA Membership Benefit generation, consolidate staff research efforts during itinerary development, increase low-cost business-tobusiness exposure and aid in regional tourism tracking. It will also lead to increased partnership and collaboration within the industry through the creative packaging of tour products, sales of distressed equipment, up-selling under booked tours, and utilizing tiered pricing arrangements. currently has six major components. One component is the e-Market, which allows operators to build tours and trip itineraries by comparing, pricing, negotiating, confirming and arranging payment for suppliers from nine different categories. Those categories include accommodations, attractions, transportation, coach operators, tour operators, receptive operators, food-service provider, festival and events, and retail outlets. In the e-Market, participating CVBs and DMOs will also be able to list their members who aren’t clients of, although with a lesser degree of information and multimedia enhancements for their company profiles. also has an e-Tradeshow, which allows operators to buy and research products such as new or used motor FREE MEMBERSHIP IN GROUPCONNECT ou may have heard about GroupConnect; however you are still not sure what the buzz is all about. GroupConnect is an independent for-profit corporation, incorporated in Delaware, that serves as a Joint Venture representing the interests of the members of the American Bus Association and the Ontario Motor Coach Association. exists as a webbased business-to-business platform that is accessible through a password protected web-portal for client companies that have created online profiles. Our goal is to provide an online travel tool that will expedite lead Y MOVING GROUP TRAVEL INTO THE FAST LANE. 1_3_FastLane_PG1.indd 1 Tour & Travel Canada 9/17/09 1:58:55 PM

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Tour & Travel Canada 2010
Message from the Chairman of the Management Board of Motor Coach Canada
Canadian Provincial/Territorial Carrier Requirements and Contact Information
Provincial Tourism Marketing Offices
Driver Hours of Service Rules
U.S. Passport Rules
Border Crossing Information for Visitors to Canada Arriving by Motor Coach
Canadian Immigration and Customs Contact Numbers and General Information
American Drivers and Tour Directors Working in Canada
Parks Canada National Parks and Historic Sites of Canada
Manitoba Lotteries
British Columbia Lotteries
Distances Between Major Cities
Tour Operator Listings
Coach Operator Listings
GroupConnect: Moving Group Travel into The Fast Lane
Welcome to Canada
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
British Columbia
Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
Welcome to the United States
U.S. New England
U.S. Middle Atlantic
U.S. South
U.S. Midwest
U.S. Southwest
U.S. West

Tour & Travel Canada 2010