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Industry News they develop their understanding of alternate bidding procedures.” Thomas added, “When agencies look at alternate pavement materials, the needs of highway users are an important part of the equation. The advantages of asphalt – faster construction time and less disruption for the traveling public during rehabilitation – need to be considered.” NAPA Meeting in Orlando Had Something for Everyone More than 800 asphalt industry people gathered in Orlando to take part in four days of exceptional educational and networking opportunities. From the golf tournament hosted by the Young Leaders on Saturday morning, to the Super Bowl/Diamond kick-off reception, to the final evening’s dinner and dance event, it was declared the “best-ever” NAPA Annual Meeting by many in attendance. NAPA welcomed 98 first-time attendees and new members to the meeting. Highlights from the event include the “State of the Industry” address by four industry prognosticators, Jim Roberts of Granite Construction Inc.; Randy West of the National Center for AMERICA RIDES ON US KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL ALTERNATE BIDDING PROCESS Correction We inadvertently credited the March/April-issue feature article “Relationships between Laboratory Measured Characteristics of HMA and Field Compactability” to the wrong author. The article was written by Courtney Jones, a writer for the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University. We regret the error. Asphalt Pavement Alliance Releases Alternate Bidding White Paper Alternate bidding is a complex subject, but a user-friendly white paper issued by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance breaks it down for contractors and agencies. Keys to a Successful Alternate Bidding Process (order number IM-50) outlines the procedures set up by the Federal Highway Administration and covers the factors considered in alternate bids, such as initial cost, construction time, and future costs. Also discussed are discount rates, performance periods, rehabilitation plans, salvage value, analysis periods, and more. The publication is available as a free download from the economics area of the APA’s Web site at “There will never be sufficient funding to meet all the needs of the nation’s roadways,” said Jill Thomas of the Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association, co-chair of the team that produced the document. “Therefore, it is important to optimize every dollar. This APA publication will help contractors and agencies alike as Hot Mix Asphalt Technology – MAY/JUNE 2011 • 13

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Hot Mix Asphalt Technology - May/June 2011
Chairman’s Commentary: Who Knew Asphalt Could Be So Green?
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Warm-Mix Asphalt: Best Practices
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Roads to Rubble: De-Paving a Half-Century of Progress
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Hot Mix Asphalt Technology - May/June 2011