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“We’re Looking for Quality Airfield Pavements at a Fair Price” Questions and Answers with FAA’s Rodney Joel HMAT editor Chuck MacDonald talked to Rodney Joel about the asphalt pavement industry’s current relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Rodney Joel, civil engineer for the FAA, is in charge of mix design of airport pavements for the agency. HMAT: The Airfield Asphalt Pavement Technology Program (AAPTP) is finalizing a number of studies, including ones on rubblization, PG binder grade selection, SMA use, and other topics. How do you think this program is going? Joel: I see it complementing the work we do quite well. The AAPTP research is industry driven and these are projects that we can’t do with our research funds. I believe that a lot of this research that is being done will eventually make it into our future guidance documents. For example, some information from the rubblization study has already been included in our new pavement design procedures. HMAT: What is the FAA looking for from our industry? Joel: We believe we are a partner with the industry. We’re looking to maintain quality airfield pavements at a fair price. HMAT: A contractor who is used to doing paving for highway projects will find airport paving projects different, right? Joel: That question gets asked a lot. We do have a high standard for airport work. If you have to shut down a portion of a highway to do some repairs, people can drive around the area being shut down. But to shut down a runway, affects the whole system, which can affect other airports as well. Once a runway is finished, we can’t be returning to make repairs. So, our requirements are very high, and I think our standards reflect that. For the contractor to attain those standards is a high priority for us. Pay factors and acceptance criteria reflect that. HMAT: Is there a particular spec or requirement that comes as a surprise to a lot of contractors? Hot Mix Asphalt Technology – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2008 • 21

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Hot Mix Asphalt Technology - September/October 2008
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Hot Mix Asphalt Technology - September/October 2008