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Rural Water and the Farm Bill Where Are We Now? BY WALT SMITH, NRWA AS THE U.S. SENATE wrapped up consideration of the 2007 Farm Bill in late 2007, one truth became very apparent: The 2007 Farm Bill will now be the 2008 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill will be picked up in the early months of 2008. While the process of formulating a Farm Bill is a long one, the grassroots support of Rural Water is working, and the priorities of rural America are being addressed. You may be wondering what the Farm Bill has to do with Rural Water. The answers may surprise you. As many of you know, the partnerships between N RWA and the U.S. Depar tment of Agriculture help r ural communities address water distribution, storage, qua lit y a nd conser vat ion t h rough work with local stakeholders. These programs are essential in providing rural communities with the funding, exper tise, technical assistance and local involvement needed to ensure the success of their local water system. Specifically, the Farm Bill addresses three major programs of interest to Rural Water. These are the Water and Wastewater Grant and Loan Program, the Circuit Rider Program, and the Grassroots Source Water Protection Program. These programs were reauthorized at different levels in both the House and Senate versions of the 2008 Farm Bill. Once the differences in the two versions of this bill are resolved, a final version will be presented to both the House and Senate for final approval. While the differences are great between the t wo bills, Commit tee members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees have pledged to move the bill as quickly as possible once they return from the holiday break. A short list of the differences between the House and Senate Bill as they relate to Rural Water is on page 28. The Senate and House will soon name members to a committee of conference to iron out the differences in these bills. I will be in contact with states to keep them updated as to the needed Congressional interaction and >>28 the strategy moving forward. First Quarter 2008 • 27 © Photographer: Stephen Coburn | Agency:

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2008
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2008