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Water Industry Supports International Rural Water Association THE INTERNATIONAL RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION (IRWA) received a very generous gift of equipment from the Hach Company for use in its operations in El Salvador. Derek Walker, Hach’s global product manager for portable test kits and microbiology, worked with IRWA to devise a suite of products that would be suitable for use in El Salvador. Hach’s Potable Water Laboratory, MEL 850, allows a variety of chemical and biological analyses, including coliform, E. coli, ammonia, free and total chlorine, color, nitrate, nitrite, pH, reactive phosphate, sulfide and turbidity testing. In addition, Hach provided a supply of multi-parameter test strips, chlorine meters and PathoScreen (sulfur dioxide-producing bacteria) field test kits. All of the equipment was put to immediate use by our Salvadoran partners, the Asociación Salvadoreña De Sistemas De Agua, or ASSA. In July 2007, members of IRWA hand-carried the equipment to ASSA and provided a training session to its employees on the proper use of the equipment, sterile sampling techniques and sample handling and preservation. The PathoScreen and chlorine test kits were immediately placed into service during our visit as we assisted ASSA with the chlorination of several community water systems. ASSA will be able to use these test kits along with the test strips and the MEL 850 Water Lab to conduct evaluations and analyses of finished water and water sources that heretofore have not been possible. ASSA and IRWA will be able to impart a tremendous impact on the health of rural communities in El Salvador. Routine analysis of drinking water and surface water sampling for pathogens will give officials the ability to warn residents against contact with contaminated water, greatly improving health standards. Surface waters are commonly used for sewage disposal at the same time they are being used for bathing, clothes washing and drinking water. The data provided by the equipment can help to manage the Salvadoran water resources to the benefit of the population. In a letter to the Hach Company, National Rural Water President Rodney Tart expressed his sincere gratitude for the donation and support of both NRWA and IRWA. In his letter, Tart stated, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your donation of field-testing equipment to the International Rural Water Association. Hach Company has been an important supporter of National Rural Water Association and small systems throughout the U.S., and we are happy you have joined with our international efforts.” m First Quarter 2008 • 35 Hach’s MEL 850 Potable Water Lab

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2008
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Water Industry Supports International Rural Water Association
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2008