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The Rural Water Washington Rally in April Rural Water’s Success is All About You BY MIKE KEEGAN, NRWA POLICY ANALYST © W.kaveney | EACH YEAR, STATE rural water associations mobilize volunteer representatives from across the country to persuade individual congressmen and senators to support federal funding for rural water initiatives. Our marquee manifestation of the Rural Water movement is held each spring, when we meet in Washington for the annual Rural Water Rally. Hundreds of Rural Water volunteers assemble on Capitol Hill to demonstrate to Congress how important Rural Water initiatives are back home, thank them for their support and ask for their continued support in the annual congressional budget process (which begins around the same time as the rally). You may feel that your voice is not important and you can’t make a difference with all the competition for the congressmen or senators’ time. However, by organizing your peer rural water communities in a team effort, we can be heard. What is important is the message you bring to your elected officials. They need to see firsthand how your rural water association works best for your community (and all the other small communities in the state) and how you rely on Rural Water technical assistance in providing safe water and a clean environment. Whether you know your congressman or not should not deter you from asking for his or her support and meeting with him or her. >>42 First Quarter 2008 • 41

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2008
From the President
Afterburn: Nexters' Impact in the Workplace
Retirement Will Have to Wait
From Sewage, Added Water for Drinking
Rural Water and the Farm Bill
Fiduciary Responsibility: It's All About Trust
Water Industry Supports International Rural Water Association
Regulatory Update
The Rural Water Washington Rally in April
Throwing My Loop
A Precious Thing Called Water
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2008