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Throwing My Loop… How to Win Friends… and Influence People! BY MICHAEL JOHNSON at the New York YMCA on public speaking and developing self-confidence through improving interpersonal skills. While the interviews certainly gave him information, teaching the subject taught him even more. Remember that old line about “We teach what we need to learn?” Never more true than in Carnegie’s case. Carnegie stumbled onto deep and powerful truths in our dealings with others. He wrote them in his signature book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” If you haven’t read it, go buy it. Even though it was written in 1936, like all great literature, it’s timeless. Might change your life…it is one of the books that certainly changed mine. Here are his recommendations to win friends… 1. Become genuinely interested in other people. 2. Smile. 3. Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language. 4. Be a good listener. Encourage other people to talk about themselves. 5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interest. First Quarter 2010 • 37 ©AMAKHAL | DREAMSTIME.COM AS A YOUNG man, he threw himself across the bed in his hotel room and wept in despair. He had no money, no friends and no hope. At the young age of 22, his only thoughts were of suicide. He would later say that’s when the thought came…“There must be others like me!” So began the career of Dale Carnegie. On that day, Carnegie realized there were countless others who were lost and alone with no idea of how to do better. He decided to devote his life to answering the question of how it is we win friends and influence people. He traveled to the New York City Library and read every single book about psychology, sociology, human behavior and sales. He stayed two months. At the end of that time, he said he knew no more than he did when he came in – but Carnegie persisted. He kept looking for answers. In addition to interviewing countless successful people and learning how they became so, Carnegie taught classes

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2010

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2010
Table of Contents
From the President
H2O-XPO to Waterpro
The Utility Perspective
The State Rural Water Association Perspective
The Washington DC Perspective
Recent Drinking Water Quality Claims Unfounded
Telling Our Story: The City of Risk
Finding Art in Unexpected Places
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
Index to Advertisers
From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2010