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WaterReuse– Florida’s Future rapid growth and strong financial stability.” WATER REUSE IS the future of water conservation in Florida. In fact, water reuse is becoming very popular statewide and is on the rise throughout the state, according to Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) Executive Director Gary Williams. “Water is the state’s most critical and valuable natural resource, and the conservation of it is © B. Hall everyone’s business,” he says. “And that makes programs promoting and developing water reuse extremely important to the state’s continued the DEP, the state’s five water management According to sources at the Florida districts and other agencies announced Department of Environmental Protection the establishment of a comprehensive wa(DEP), “Sections 403.064(1) and 373.250(1), ter reuse program. Additional information Florida Statutes (F.S.), establish the encouron water reuse in Florida and the Florida agement and promotion of water reuse as Water Reuse Program are available on the formal state objectives. These sections furDEP’s reuse Web site, ther conclude that water-reuse programs water/reuse. In addition, the 2003 Reuse designed and operated in compliance with Florida’s rules governing reuse are deemed protective of public health and environmental FIGURE 1. DEP: GROWTH OF REUSE IN FLORIDA quality.” In addition, Section 403.064(1), F.S., also concludes, “Reuse is a critical component of meeting the state’s existing and future water-supply needs while sustaining natural systems.” Further, Section 367.0817(3), F.S., states, “The Legislature finds that reuse benefits water, wastewater and reuse customers.” In response to the state’s objectives, in a recent news release, 28 • Second Quarter 2008

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2008
From The President
Western Water Wars
Are You in a Drought, and what can You do about it?
High Costs On The Horizon?
Water Reuse - Florida's Future
Funding Rural America's Water And Wastewater Needs
Relations and Technical Issues Top EPA Summit Agenda
New Medicine Disposal Partnership
Regulatory Update
2008 Rural Water Rally Coverage
Throwing My Loop
Index to Advertisers
From The CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2008