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Elroy BY ROB JOHNSON, NRWA CEO FROM THE CEO Elroy Larimore has made a difference not only in Horse Cave but also across this nation in bringing good water and good people together. Editor’s note: This is the third in a continuing series of articles by NRWA CEO Rob Johnson about the men and women who have been the founders, creators, “movers and shakers” of NRWA from the beginning. Without them, rural water – nationwide – would not be the catalyst or the influential voice of rural America that we have become. ELROY IS HIS NAME, and in the rural water business, he needs no other identification. He hails from a place whose name seems appropriate to his state – Horse Cave, Ky. Like other great men I have known, Elroy Larimore is successful at everything he does. It seems as though every group and committee wants Elroy’s help, and many have gotten it over the years. Elroy is an extraordinary storyteller. Just a few minutes with him and you can tell that you are in the presence of one whom God blessed with the ability to lift up people and make them feel just a little bit better about today. Elroy created a small water system in the middle of Kentucky that has grown to provide service in six counties to more than 9,000 homes. He helped create the Kentucky Rural Water Association in the late 1970s and served on the NRWA board for a great number of years. He was NRWA’s fi fth president and won every honor that NRWA has – and deserved even more. One of my most treasured memories of Elroy was our trip in the mid1990s, when we helped 10 state associations begin. We flew to Connecticut/ Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Michigan, Arizona, California, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho in a two-week period and met with each new board for its fi rst organizational meetings. We talked about our dream of strong state associations and their national association. Elroy lived to see that dream realized. He stepped down as a director in 1999. But Elroy’s life took a turn that no one would have wished. He was hit by a car while mowing his lawn and thrown 70 feet. Fortunate to be alive and predicted never to walk again, he spent months in casts and then rehabilitation. Today he walks and thanks God that he has another day. What does he do with this new lease on life? He is the church coordinator for the Kentucky Gideons and has served as chaplain for NRWA for the last nine years. If you come to the NRWA Rally or Conference, you can see Elroy conduct a church service on Sunday mornings. Knowing us so well, his sermons sometimes get a little personal, and as you can imagine, there is always a little humor – often aimed at his son, Gary, who manages the Kentucky Rural Water Association. Elroy is a big man, both physically and in reputation. Every time I talk with him, I feel uplifted. He is my dear friend and has meant a great deal in my life. He always has Jesus on his mind and on the tip of his tongue. Elroy Larimore has made a difference not only in Horse Cave but also across this nation in bringing good water and good people together. 62 • Second Quarter 2008

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2008
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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2008