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ENERGY REDUCTION = COST SAVINGS EneRgy eduction Techniques for energy reduction in small and medium water and wastewater systems Planning for Utilities BY FLORIDA RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION Municipal water and wastewater plants and their associated pumping facilities are the most energy intensive systems owned and operated by local governments and can account for as much as 35 percent of the energy consumed. USEPA studies indicate that as much as 10 percent of the total energy that is currently consumed can be saved. Generally, the pumping systems are the most logical place to target for energy reductions since every gallon of water passing through the system represents a significant energy cost, a cost that is magnified by water lost due to leaks. 12 • Second Quarter 2010

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2010
From the President
Energy Reduction Planning for Utilities
Energy Efficiency
Using the Water Bill to Foster Conservation
Regulatory Update
Rally Wrap Up
Water University for Utility Managers
Rhapsody in Rural Water
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2010