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Regulatory Update BY MIKE KEEGAN, RURAL WATER ANALYST THE FOLLOWING ARE summaries of recent articles covered on NRWA’s Washington homepage (www. For more information – or the original documents – for any of these summaries, please visit the homepage. If you have a comment or position that you would like to be considered by the NRWA Regulatory Committee, please let us hear from you ( EPA using enforcement to eliminate chlorine gas – leak results in mandated hypo by EPA – The EPA fined the town of Culpepper, Vir., $27,000 for a 2008 chlorine wastewater plant gas leak. As part of reduced-penalty settlement agreement, the town installed a sodium hypochlorite system to replace the chlorine. Recent Supreme Court ruling on EPA water administrative order – A recent ruling called into question the legitimacy of EPA compliance orders under the SDWA & CWA. Cyber security in Senate – Senators debated the need/appropriateness for new federal regulations for cyber-security for water supplies. The U.S. military supported regulation of infrastructure for cyber-protection. EPA allows Portland a waiver for crypto, but prohibits similar waivers for small, low-income communities – An EPA advisory panel found that “ethical issues mitigate against” the use of similar waivers AVAILABLE ONLINE Information on additional regulatory issues is available at ■ Senators move bill to limit EPA on wetlands regulation ■ New science delays EPA’s momentum to regulate chromium-6 ■ EPA’s advisory panel tells agency to stop repeal of lead service line replacement mandate Second Quarter 2012 • 41

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2012