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S From the CEO talk with Jesus. 50 • Second Quarter 2012 A Better and Brighter Tomorrow SITTING IN CHURCH a few weeks ago, my daughter asked Sarah, my four-year-old granddaughter, to stop talking on her toy cell phone. Sarah continued talking. Using her “you-are-going-to-be-big-trouble” Momma’s voice finally got Sarah’s attention. With her cell phone still to her ear, Sarah looked up and in all seriousness and said, “But Mom, I am talking to Jesus.” Maybe my young granddaughter got the point of morning worship better than some of us who are older. One day, I hope to have the privilege of showing her that she doesn’t need a cell phone to BY ROB JOHNSON, NRWA CEO Living in a very rural area, by any definition, in the middle of the nation, has provided a great vantage point to observe the life and struggles of everyday people. Having the privilege of working for this noble association for the last 34 years and staying in places in not frequented by Travel + Leisure Magazine, has been the basis of countless stories. In the Improving management, technical day before we had to be on intimate terms and financial skills produces a better with TSA agents and when you could literally arrive at some airports, run to the gate and be environment for our systems and our seated five minutes before takeoff, flying was customers. more fun. Those were simpler days. When I started with this association, the Safe Drinking Water Act had just passed and the number of contaminants to be tested was less than the number of eggs in a carton and there was no debate that it was truly necessary for public health. In those days, the Farmer Home Administration still had offices in every county in the nation and water and waste loans began the process there. The handholding from the FmHA County supervisors attending seemingly endless evening meetings was the factor that facilitated water systems development under the USDA system. In my humble opinion, many small water systems would not have been created with that system. As we have progressed and small systems have grown up, a new process was instituted. Carrying a Medicare card seems to help me appreciate the simpler things in life and also to sharpen my focus on priorities. It also helps to appreciate progress. Carrying cell phones with more power than my fi rst computer allows us to communicate and access data in an amazing fashion. Never have some things been more available. FmHA has now become the RUS and virtually everything is online and processes can occur much quicker. EPA’s regulations and reports are available continued on page 49

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2012