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INDEX TO ADVERTISERS AERATORS USABlueBook outside back cover ALARM NOTIFICATION SOFTWARE Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 ALGAE CONTROL Solarbee 51 Sonic Solutions, LLC 69 ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS Analytical Technology 11 ARSENIC REMOVAL Pureflow Filtration Division 68 AUTO FLEET PRICING John Vance Automotive Group 23 AUTOMATIC METER READING Master Meter, Inc. 22 Neptune Technology Group, Inc 4 Sensus Metering Systems 24 AUTOMATIC METER READING SYSTEMS Master Meter, Inc. 22 Neptune Technology Group, Inc 4 AUTOMOTIVE - TRUCKS John Vance Automotive Group 23 BACKFLOW PREVENTION ASSEMBLIES Wilkins, a Zurn Company 18 CHEMICAL FEED APPARATUS & EQUIPMENT USABlueBook outside back cover CHEMICALS Arch Chemicals, Inc. 67 Pristine Water Solutions, subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp 70 CHEMICALS/BIOCHEMICALS Pristine Water Solutions, subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp. 70 CHLORINATION EQUIPMENT Chlorinators, Inc. 70 CHLORINE DIOXIDE - GENERATORS Pristine Water Solutions, subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp. 70 COAGULANTS Pristine Water Solutions, subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp. 70 CONCRETE REPAIR & RESTORATION Sauereisen 46 CONFINED SPACE USABlueBook outside back cover CONTROL EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CONTROL SYSTEMS (PLANT AUTOMATION) Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CONTROLLERS - LIQUID LEVEL Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CONTROLLERS - RATE OF FLOW Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CONTROLS - CONTROLLERS Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CONTROLS - WASTEWATER Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CONTROLS - WATER Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 CORROSION CONTROL Pristine Water Solutions, subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp. 70 CORROSION CONTROL CHEMICALS Pristine Water Solutions, subsidiary of Met-Pro Corp. 70 DATA ACQUISTION EQUIPMENT Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 DATA COMMUNICATIONS Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 DATA LOGGERS Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 DATA LOGGING EQUIPMENT Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 Solinst Canada Ltd. 58 DISSOLVED OXYGEN ANALYSIS USABlueBook outside back cover DUCKWEED CHEMICAL CONTROL SePRO Corp 42, 62 ENGINEERING CONSULTATION Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 ENGINEERING/ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Matrix Compliance Service, Inc. 73 ENGINEERING SERVICES Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 FILTER MEDIA Siemens Water Technologies 3 FILTRATION SYSTEMS Pall Water Processing 61 FLOW METERS McCrometer 60 FLOW, PRESSURE & LEVEL MEASURING Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 FLOW, PRESSURE & LEVEL MEASURING EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES Micro-Comm, Inc. 66 GAUGES USABlueBook outside back cover HYDRANT SECURITY Hydra-Shield Manufacturing, Inc. 72 HYDRANTS American Flow Control 41 Mueller Co. 59, 63 HYDRANTS - FIRE, DRY BARREL Mueller Co. 59, 63 INDUSTRIAL PIPE FITTINGS The Marzolf Co. 70 H YDR ANT SEC U RITY Our “Custodian”® hydrant lock will help protect your water supply by denying access to unauthorized persons. The “Custodian”® lock is custom-designed to fit your particular hydrant. The lock requires our special wrench to activate the internal mechanism. ScalableSCADA for Water & Wastewater • Product line grows with you • I/O-only to PLC-based units • Communications options include ethernet radio, spread spectrum radio, licensed radio, and dialup, cellular, or satellite modem • CSIA Certified system integrator • NEMA-rated enclosures • UL 508A & UL 698A panels • Radio path analysis & testing services 2240 Rocky Ridge Rd. • Birmingham, AL 35216 800.536.2525; Fax: 205.814.0408 • Hydra-Shield Manufacturing 3249 West Story, Irving, TX 75038 Tel.: (800) 676-0911 Fax: (972) 594-7826 E-mail: Website: 72 • Third 346049_hydra.indd 1 Quarter 2008 9/13/07 9:39:31 PM 373120_RevereControl.indd 1 3/12/08 8:48:39 PM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008

Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008
From the President
From Hypo to Gas - A Forward Leap
If You Lose All Your Data Today... Would You Still Be in Business Tomorrow?
Weaving the Wireless Web
Rural Water and the Farm Bill
Ensuring Your Water System's Security
Guarding Against Becoming a Victim of Fraud
10 Ways to Improve Utility Efficiency
New Technology
Making a Difference By Being Involved
Regulatory Update
Source Water Protection Corner
Throwing My Loop
Cub Scouts Visit Alliance of Indiana Rural Water's Spring Conference
Index to Advertisers
From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2008