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December 3, 2007: A Flood to Remember LIVING BY THE Chehalis River, I have seen what it is capable of doing. Back in winter of 1995-1996, I was working for Pe Ell when we had a storm event that no one around these parts had ever seen. The snow was on the hilltops, and then the pineapple express came in. It caused a lot of problems for the area. 18 • Third Quarter 2009 A mudslide on Highway 6 closed the highway and took out our fire chief’s home. BY DEREK ZOCK, SOUTHWEST REGION CIRCUIT RIDER, EVERGREEN RURAL WATER OF WASHINGTON After watching the weather on Saturday, December 1, 2007, I thought I better go down to the bottom field and bring the mill up to the top just in case the water came up Monday morning. It was a cold Sunday morning – the snow was falling and the hills had been accumulating snow for months. I got everything taken care of and started watching the weather online. It didn’t look good. Every newscast said the same thing: warm winds, heavy rain and lots of it!!! I went to bed Sunday night thinking of all the water systems I would be checking in on to see how they were faring – little did I know it would be some time before I could see any of them. I didn’t get much sleep that night – every time I woke up, I looked out the window trying to peer though the darkness and see if the water was up into the field. Sometime between 1:30

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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2009
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Emergency Response is More Than Just a Plan
December 3, 2007: A Flood to Remember
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USDA's Rural Water Initiatives - A Grand Enterprise
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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2009