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Throwing My Loop… Now and Then There’s a Fool Such As I… BY MICHAEL JOHNSON ONCE I RECEIVED a letter informing me I had been nominated to attend a business seminar in Boston. “Hmpf,” I thought to myself. “I’ll get out of this in short order.” I knew exactly where to go and whom to talk with to rectify this stupid mistake. My boss. I really liked this guy. He was down to earth and he liked me, as well. I marched into his office and said, “Some higher-up doofus in the company has scheduled me for this worthless training in Massachusetts. I’m hoping you can get me out of it. First of all, I don’t have time to go, secondly, the training will be a complete waste of time. Anyone could see that by reading the brochure. So, can you fi x it?” I asked with a smug smile on my face. “Yes,” he said. “Great,” I said. “Well, gotta go. Lots to do.” Just as I was leaving, he said, “Michael…?” “Yes, sir?” “I was the higher-up doofus that scheduled this training for you. I was hoping you could go gather 48 • Third Quarter 2009

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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2009
From the President
Emergency Response is More Than Just a Plan
December 3, 2007: A Flood to Remember
Rural Water Experts Certified at Emergency Response Training
Wastwater System Recovery Aided by Missouri Rural Water Association
USDA's Rural Water Initiatives - A Grand Enterprise
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
Index to Advertisers
From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2009