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THE LEGISLATIVE ISSUE AGENCY HEADS! IT IS ESSENTIAL for us to maintain and build on our working relationships with agency heads and congressional staff who are responsible for the administration of our programs. Washington is a small city in the political arena. Many of the key players, including the individuals listed below, have served in various roles on the state and federal levels, and it is common for individuals who served in previous administrations to return to Washington to serve again. This is why relationships built on the state and federal level have a direct benefit in advancing our previous work around the nation. Mr. Tonsager is no stranger to Rural Water. As the previous South Dakota Rural Development State Director, he worked closely with our South Dakota Association to provide service to rural communities, including the hardto-serve impoverished communities like the Pine Ridge Reservation. Mr. Tonsager spoke at the National Rural Water annual conference in Kentucky, along with his Administrator, Jonathan Adelstein. Both of these gentlemen are responsible for the delivery of the water and wastewater programs, including the circuit rider and wastewater technical assistance programs. Mr. Tonsager has over 35 years of agricultural, business, cooperative and fi nancial experience through his work as a farmer and businessman, and as a community, state and national leader. He As you read the work history for each individual, you will clearly see where the mission of Rural Water crossed their work responsibilities. Each individual listed has a direct impact the President’s annual budget request, the implementation of regulations, the establishment of national and regional goals and priorities to our programs. We must continue to work with these leaders in advancing our shared mission — to serve rural America with safe, affordable and sustainable water and wastewater systems. Meet the New Dallas Tonsager Under Secretary of Rural Development U.S. Department of Agriculture Dallas Tonsager has the primary responsibility of delivering the rural development programs within USDA, which consists of a network of 6,100 employees and 500 offices, a portfolio of business, housing and infrastructure loans totaling $132 billion, and provides an estimated $20 billion annually to support economic and community development in rural America. 18 • Third Quarter 2010

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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2010
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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2010