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THE FUTURE of Water in America BY SHANNON RASMUSSEN, RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION OF UTAH I SPENT A fair amount of time as a child swimming in an irrigation ditch. (That should explain a few things.) Every summer, when the Montana temperature hit a luxurious 80 degrees (that was the rule in our house— no swimming in the ditch until it was 80 degrees out—at least we had some standards) we would grab our inner tubes and run across the lawn, answering the irresistible call of the murky 42-degree stream replete with snakes and water skippers. Life was good. Of course, I never thought about the cleanliness of our water hole. If a dead varmint or a cow pie showed up, you simply froze in place or moved to the side and waited for it to pass so you could resume the chasing of crawdads or the throwing of frog eggs (I believe they still do these activities in Louisiana, but they call it “going out to dinner.”) We obviously weren’t aware of terms like “culinary,” “secondary,” or “diphtheria.” If I had heard the words “coliform positive” back then, I would have thought for sure it was that thing my Mom used to drain spaghetti. Of course that may not be saying much—I suffered from a severe lack of common sense in my early years. And, it is an ailment I am afraid I have passed on to my child—bless her little heart. (Note: It is acceptable to say anything about anyone if you follow it immediately with “Bless your little heart.” Just ask the little old lady next door. She’ll tell you. Then she’ll comment to her friends on how long that took you to figure it out, bless your little heart.) So why am I worried about my offspring? Well, for starters, last week during our Sunday dinner, we heard some commotion in the living room. We all looked over to see Sydney (my two-year-old >>18 Fourth Quarter 2008 • 17 ©HIGH COUNTRY PHOTOS. IMAGE FROM BIGSTOCKPHOTO.COM

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2008
From the President
Rural Water: Where are We Headed?
The Future of Water in America
Bank Collateral Controls in Nervous Times
Bottle of Water or Billion Dollar Bully?
Aqua Chocolate No Mas
Why Even Small Water Systems Should Have Personnel Policy Manuals
Safe Drinking Water
Regulatory Update
2008 NRWA Industry Event
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2008