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Who’s Telling Your Story? BY CHRIS WILSON, NRWA YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL. You have good news to spread, offers to present and services to share. Now what? Every association has stories to tell, ways to boost their public image and attention-drawing events, but not everyone knows how to spread all that good news. That’s okay, despite the fact that people interact with news media daily, very few understand how news really works. Websites, newspapers, TV and radio each have their own idiosyncrasies, but they all also operate on the same fundamental news principles. The only problem is that the average public doesn’t understand the principles, which can make it difficult to get stories into the news. That’s where I come in. After 14 years working in news and public relations, I know the hidden secrets. Once you know how the system works, it’s actually easy to get news to work for you. You DO have a story to tell “Is this an interesting story?” The answer is always yes. Sometimes it’s a stretch, but every story has a place. This is especially true for associations with Web sites, newsletters and magazines. Can you get every story on the front page of the local paper, or on the evening news? No. But every story is an opportunity to deliver content to those familiar to your Web site. Every story that you craft is also an opportunity to show your elected officials and government leadership an in-depth view of what your association is doing and how their support is affecting the lives of their constituents. Of course, some stories need a little help. When I was a young reporter, I once asked an editor if a situation was interesting enough to make a good story. “Any reporter can make a good story about an interesting subject,” he said. “A good reporter fi nds a way to make an interesting story out of every lead.” That doesn’t mean you have to be a Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter to get out your story. You just have to have an eye for the interesting. Ask yourself: “If I was telling this story to my friends, how would I word it?” 12 • Fourth Quarter 2009

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2009
From the President
Who's Telling Your Story?
Marketing Water and the Unsung Heroes of the Industry
Public Relations: Getting Along With "Aunt" Mildred
Effective PR…Even in a Downturn Economy
Regulatory Update
H20-XPO Wrap-Up
2009 Awards of Excellence
Rural Water Rally
Index to Advertisers
From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2009