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Editor’s note: This is the sixth in a continuing series of articles by NRWA CEO Rob Johnson about the men and women who have been the founders, creators, “movers and shakers” of NRWA from the beginning. Without them, Rural Water – nationwide – would not be the catalyst or the influential voice of rural America that we have become. BY ROB JOHNSON, NRWA CEO PRESIDENTIAL MERITORIOUS EXECUTIVE Award from the federal government, Presidential Distinguished Executive Award from the federal government, West Virginia Rural Water Association’s “Calvin Smith” Award in 1997 and 2002 (that association’s most distinguished award), NRWA Man of the Year in 1981, and NRWA Rural Water Star Award in 2006 identifies Dwight Calhoun as one who has led a life full of distinguished accomplishments in every area of his life. Dwight began his career with in the Department of Agriculture’s Farmers Home Administration in West Virginia, and his extraordinary abilities were quickly noticed by those in Washington D.C. Dwight became the FMHA assistant administrator over the newly created Water and Waste Program. When he started, the pages of history of that program were blank because he created the management system and structure and hired the staff that made this the highest-rated loan program in the federal government. With an ongoing delinquency rate of less than one half of one percent, you understand the difference in this federal lending program. Even today, Dwight will For those of you who have tell you his conviction that rural people pay their debts. In his over 30 had the pleasure to work with years working with FmHA, he oversaw tens of billions of dollars going to bring better water and waste disposal to rural America. He quickly saw this most noble man, you the promise of the infant National Rural Water Association in the late appreciate his deliberative, 1970s and assisted in the creation of the Circuit Rider Program funded through his agency. thoughtful and considerate When Dwight retired from his distinguished federal service and personality. He is a man with moved back to the family farm in West Virginia, he didn’t sit still. For unknown reasons, he volunteered to serve on his local rural water sysa great passion for improving tem. Being the leader that he is, Dwight was soon chairman and attending West Virginia Rural Water conferences. Again as he became involved, he rural America and has was elected to their board, and in a few years became the West Virginia given most of his life to that Rural Water Association president. That voluntary job got him involved with the state legislature and resulted in a tenure on their Infrastructure ambition. Council, which oversees the State Revolving Funds. In the early 2000s, Dwight Calhoun was elected to the National Rural Water Association Board of Directors. This fall, he retires from our board. For those of you who have had the pleasure to work with this most noble man, you appreciate his deliberative, thoughtful and considerate personality. He is a man with a great passion for improving rural America and has given most of his life to that ambition. For all of my professional career at National Rural Water Association, Dwight Calhoun has been involved with Rural Water in one capacity or another. When I began over 33 years ago, he was already a legend. Today he is a friend. He has provided me with sage advice over the years on a variety of topics that only he and I will ever know about. Thank you, Dwight Calhoun! “I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink…” Matthew 25:35 ❍ Dwight Calhoun Dwight Calhoun and Senator Byrd FROM THE CEO 50 • Fourth Quarter 2009

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2009
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2009