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W Crisis ater Change!? BY PAUL WHITTEMORE, NRWA NATIONAL DIRECTOR, NEW HAMPSHIRE Climate OVER THE LAST few years, we have been hearing more and more about climate change. First, it started out as global warming, and now it seems to have moved to climate change. Why? What is it that makes today any different than years ago? 22 • Fourth Quarter 2010

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2010

Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2010
Table of Contents
From the President
Running Out of Water
Freshwater Scarcity: The Greatest Crisis Most Americans Have Never Heard Of
Climate Change!?
Protecting Indiana's Water Supply
Fussing and Fighting in the Same Sandbox or Working Together for the Community?
2010 Waterpro Wrap-Up
Regulatory Update
Quality on Tap Pride!
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2010