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Regulatory Update BY ED THOMAS, NRWA gov/infrastructure/watersecurity. The scenarios in the tool include natural hazards, man-made incidents and potential climate change impacts. EPA publishes revised Total Coliform Proposed Rule — The much-anticipated revisions to the total coliform rule have been released. The agency accepted comments until September 13, 2010. The revised rule is a major overhaul of the TCR. Among many revisions, one of major components include elimination of the MCL and MCLG for total coliform and fecal coliform, which is replaced with a coliform treatment technique. Positive E. coli samples will result in several different stages of self evaluation to correct the deficiency. NRWA was supportive of the proposed rule and recognized the agency’s commitment to the Agreement in Principle (AIP) that was negotiated on behalf of Rural Water by David Baird (Delaware) and Paul Whittemore (New Hampshire). We applauded the agency for generally applying the recommendations in the negotiated AIP to the TCR Proposed Rule. NRWA also reiterated our position that public notice repeal for total coliform MCL violations should be eliminated immediately. We requested the agency to provide early implementation for the elimination of this public notification requirement because it was clear that the current public notice requirements confuse and mislead the public. We suggested that eliminating this requirement would not adversely impact any other provision in the AIP and would only result in advancing public health protection. EPA announces new strategy for clean water — Early in 2010, EPA announced a new strategy for regulating contaminants in drinking water. This past August, the agency released a new strategy for achieving clean water. U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson stated her desire “to >> Fourth Quarter 2010 • 39 EPA emergency response/security tool released — The agency recently demonstrated a new emergency response tabletop exercise tool. The tool is designed to assist water/ wastewater utilities and other interested parties in planning and facilitating tabletop exercises that focus on water sector-related issues for emergency preparedness, response and climate resiliency. The tool was impressive. The compact disk may be ordered by contacting EPA — http://water.epa.

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2010
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2010