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T From the President Growing Our Partnerships THE FIRST THING I’d like to say is, “Thank you!” Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your association president for the next year. I hope I will not disappoint you but make you proud…of me and of NRWA. As president of NRWA, I am appreciative of the confidence placed in me by the NRWA Board, and yet humbled by the enormous tasks in front of us. Since NRWA began in 1976, we have focused on fostering opportunities to enhance the success of state rural water associations to the benefit of their members, the local water-wastewater utilities. I look forward to continuing that mission with partnerships we have built across the country representing over 30,000 local rural water and wastewater utilities. My hope is that we can further enhance Rural Water’s standing and reputation through the leadership we provide to the state rural water associations. Thank you for making the WaterPro Conference in Nashville such a tremendous success! Thanks for your kinds words of support and recognition. However, we have our work cut out for us. To begin, we’ll have a new Congress to work with in 2013, perhaps even a new president. I look upon this as a tremendous opportunity to let Washington, D.C. know WHO we are and WHAT we’re doing for BY DOUG ANDERTON, rural America! NRWA PRESIDENT I believe in partnerships. Partnerships are frequent, regardless of opinions, beliefs or politics. Non-profit organizations, for example, may partner together to increase the likelihood of achieving their mission. Governments may partner with other governments to achieve their mutual goals, as many religious and political organizations do. Partnerships between governments, interest-based organizations, schools, businesses and individuals have always been important avenues for accomplishing more than the sum of its parts. Working with others IS the hallmark of Rural Water. I’m proud of what our state associations and their utility members have accomplished in the 37 years of our organization. We continue to grow and prosper and have a dramatic impact on the people we serve, the states we work within, and our elected representatives. Partnerships that combine resources and reputations allow us to be more successful in advancing our mutual agendas and policy objectives – to the benefit of all partners. Rural Water’s partnerships with USDA, FSA, Partnerships that combine resources RD and EPA are important to the well-being of our membership. We will continue to nurture our partnerships with U.S. Senators and reputations allow us to be more and U.S. Representatives who work shoulder-to-shoulder with us in successful in advancing our mutual Washington, DC. I know our partners within the entire water and wastewater industry agendas and policy objectives – to the are acutely aware of the chances for impending water crises and see these as benefit of all partners. perhaps the most broad-reaching national water issue in the coming decade. Rural Water is dedicated to advancing our programs from the local, state and national policy levels. I believe that we can effectively deal with any crisis and continue to grow our partnerships to the benefit of our most important partners, the citizens of America. Thank you for your support and your partnership with Rural Water. I look forward to working for you during my tenure as your president. Fourth Quarter 2012 • 11

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2012