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Social Media Mullet BY SHANNON RASMUSSEN, EVENT PLANNER, RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION OF UTAH The GOOD NEWS – the mullet is back. I know some of you have been waiting patiently since the 80’s for an opportunity to once again sport this stylish and attractive look, so I thought I’d make sure you were aware of this terrific development. Go for it. You have a fashionably Believe it or not, there acceptable green light to grow out those locks into their long is a way for these new glorious luster of earlier days (but only the back half of course technologies to be the turning – let’s not do something rash here.) Yes gentlemen (and point of some good changes for ladies – the mullet does not discriminate) you are free to our associations and our membership. once again feel the wind streaming through the back of Twitter feeds, mass emails and your hair and whip around corners with a flair only available Facebook pages can be used in a in this “business in front, party in back” phenomenon. professional way to communicate almost instantly with your know existed. Things like the Atari. Now I would be remiss if I did not And phone cords. And riding in the credit the small, yet brave, group of you members. who I have met in my Rural Water travels who will be especially pleased to hear this news. You have hung on to your back sweater despite insult and/or injury for the last 25 or so years just waiting for this day. In fact, you chosen few, along with one of our Utah circuit riders who has worn a neon shirt every day of his life, are now the leading trends in fashion. (And yes, I have congratulated neon guy and the mullet men individually on their persistence and eventual success.) If only the rest of us were so lucky. Going backward in time is at least familiar. It’s forward that is sometimes hard to do. Even in my lifetime I mourn the things I had as a child that my kids will never front seat. At the rate things are going, my six-year-old will be sixteen and trying to learn how to drive from the comforts of her five-point harness booster-chair located in the middle back seat. When I was young my parents had five kids and three seats. No big deal. They just folded down the seats, threw in some blankets and turned the cargo area into a giant pet bed. Problem solved. Of course there is something to be said for progress. I can just hear all of us old fogies saying, “We never had car seats and look, we’re just fine!!!” That may be true, (keeping in mind that the defi nition of “fine” is subjective) but I have a forwardthinking cousin who hates that phrase 32 • Fourth Quarter 2012

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Fracking: Is it a Threat?
Disaster Relief in the Social Media Age
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Nashville is a Smash
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2012