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Highwall Safety Stay Constantly Alert to Changes RIP & SHARE 56.3130 Mining methods shall be used that will maintain wall, bank and slope stability in places where persons work or travel in performing their assigned tasks. When benching is necessary, the width and height shall be based on the type of equipment used for cleaning of benches or for scaling of walls, banks and slopes. The change of seasons can bring drastic changes to the stability of highwalls due to freezing and thawing. Water accumulates in crevices of rocks and then freezes. The ice acts as a wedge to expand the crevice opening. The ice thaws and the cycle begins again, which in turn compromises the stability of the highwall and can result in highwall failure. 42 STONE, SAND & GRAVEL REVIEW, May/June 2012 Best Practices • Train all miners in highwall hazard recognition. • Conduct examinations prior to beginning work around highwalls, and as frequently as necessary to ensure safety, especially during periods of changing weather conditions. Inspect areas behind of the crest and the face of the highwall for cracks, sloughing, loose ground and large rocks that could be hazardous. • Communicate changes in mining conditions, or when conditions change after blasting, to all affected persons. • Ensure loose material is scaled prior to performing work. To safely scale using a powered shovel, maintain the highwall height within reach of the bucket. Areas that cannot be made safe by scaling should be barricaded against entry by miners or equipment. • Position the equipment with the cab perpendicular to and as far away as possible from the highwall. Rocks that fall from a highwall can still be fatal even if you are inside a cab. Several accidents have occurred where rocks have crushed through cabs, killing operators. Safety and health at a mine is everyone’s business. For more information on mine safety and health, visit the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) website at ■

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - May/June 2012