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Meet Your 2012 Chairman Ron Summers roads they travel need to be repaired, if not expanded or fully replaced. “We so desperately need a strong transportation system put in place with a long-term funding method,” he says. “Our legislators and voters don’t really understand what is at stake. We can never lose sight of the fact that one of our responsibilities is to educate the public about the need for better roads.” Educating Ourselves Summers extends his education doctrine to apply to members of the industry, as well. He says as an association and as managers, it is important to understand that the most important job is to make sure aggregates industry workers are educated about how to work safely so they can go home safely. And one way to get there is to continue working closely with the MSHA-NSSGA Alliance, keeping open the lines of communication. “We have to watch that we don’t get into ‘fight’ mode, because when we do, we collectively lose sight of the common goal of ensuring our employees work safely. I feel both sides have a responsibility to achieve that goal, and the answer is not to be adversaries, but to find ways we can reach common ground,” Summers says. He believes NSSGA and MSHA will be more successful if the two groups work together with a goal of working toward a zero injury rate. Education is also necessary to keep current employees while preparing to bring in new employees. Summers acknowledges that the industry has had to shrink its employee base to match the business it has. But at some point the economy will pick up, and that, combined with an aging employee base, STONE, SAND & GRAVEL REVIEW, 9 THE BEST LEADERS ARE those who can draw from their background and relate to every aspect of the organization they are leading. Your new NSSGA Chairman of the Board, Ronald E. “Ron” Summers, fully embodies this ability. Summers is senior vice president, Materials Group, for Glendora, Calif.based CalPortland Company, overseeing the company’s aggregates, concrete, asphalt and construction divisions. But his experience encompasses numerous positions and a number of years within this company, starting when he worked as a loader operator and then a mechanic while he was still in college. “I’ve been fortunate to have been with one company during my career; I have been able to do practically every job on the materials side,” Summers notes. “I’ve managed aggregates sites, built new sites as a project manager, done sales, quality control and eventually management as I’ve worked my way through. “I’ve experienced the entire picture,” he says. “It’s given me a good feel for the industry.” And it’s Summers’ overarching understanding of the aggregates business, learned within the world of his company, that allows him to take his experiences and apply them to the needs and challenges faced by the industry as a whole. Educating the Public The number one challenge Summers plans to tackle during his tenure as chairman of the board is the need for continued education of elected officials and voters. He says this goal works hand-in-hand with the need for a long-term, fully funded transportation bill. While people use our country’s transportation systems every day, he says, they don’t think about the fact that so many of the

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