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NSSGA Grassroots Campaign is Growing Forward in 2011 UPON TAKING THE HELM of the Government Affairs Committee in early 2010, Government Affairs Committee Chairman Charles S. Luck, IV., Luck Stone Corporation, Richmond, Va., and Vice Chairman Steve Mayfield, TXI, Dallas, Texas, established as their chief priority, based upon feedback from NSSGA member companies, to bring NSSGA’s already formidable grassroots program to a higher level of effectiveness. The key to achieving this goal is getting more NSSGA members and their employees across the United States to engage with federal officials and raise the visibility of the infrastructure needs in our country. The ultimate aim is to grow NSSGA’s grassroots participation in order to further amplify our voice with federal officials and be instrumental in advocating for the passage of a well-funded, multi-year highway reauthorization bill this year. A dedicated Grassroots Task Force created the Growing Forward initiative as part of NSSGA’s Aggregates In Action (A2) grassroots program and developed a Grassroots Mission (Why do you exist?) and a Grassroots Vision (What do you want to be in future years?) The grassroots mission was then defined as “To serve as the chief advocates for the aggregate industry with Congress and the federal government,” while the grassroots vision set forth is “to be recognized by Congress as a transportation construction industry-leading grassroots advocacy organization.” The task force reviewed the results of an external benchmarking study and internal member survey conducted in the fall of 2010. The benchmarking study compared NSSGA to other associations both within and outside of the transportation construction sector. It found NSSGA to be among the “Best In Class” in 17 out of 30 categories and on par in an additional 10 categories. Growing Forward aims to boost the A2 program in the three areas where NSSGA can improve – creating written roles and responsibilities for participants, providing recognition and awards for our top advocates and bolstering our Key Contacts program that tracks NSSGA members’ relationships with members of Congress. The initiative’s linchpin is the designation of grassroots company captains for every NSSGA member company. Company official representatives were asked to designate an individual from their company to serve in this capacity by April 15 if they did not wish to undertake this responsibility for themselves. Now that a point of contact for grassroots activities has been established for every NSSGA member company, from here on our Grassroots Company Captains will be the initial recipients of NSSGA’s action alerts and are responsible for disseminating them within their companies as well as reporting any feedback that they receive to the A2 regional co-chairs. by Pam Whitted NSSGA Senior Vice President Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Members of the Government Affairs Committee, the A2 regional co-chairs and grassroots company captains are being asked to sign the Grasstops Leader Pledge that outlines their roles and responsibilities, addressing one of the items raised by the benchmarking study. The pledge, modeled after NSSGA’s highly successful Safety Pledge, outlines action items that those who have taken on leadership roles are expected to engage in while obtaining their written commitment to their role. The pledge asks signatories to: respond to action alerts and encourage others to participate, hold small industry grassroots strategy meetings; implement the “One-to-Five” Initiative, host small meetings with members of Congress, report back to A2 Regional Co-Chair, educate other activists about the A2 and participate in NSSGA’s Government Affairs Committee calls. Although there are several responsibilities outlined in the pledge, it should be understood that these activities are undertaken on an as needed basis so they will not unduly burden those who want to be active grassroots leaders. Likewise, the issue of recognition and awards is addressed by assigning point values to various advocacy activities that will be used as part of the judging process. These point values are outlined in a matrix that is being made available to all participants and is intended to encourage additional reporting of grassroots activities (see chart). Each year, beginning in 2012 at NSSGA’s STONE, SAND & GRAVEL REVIEW, 27

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