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Notes from the Chair of the Health & Safety Committee by Nancy Moorhouse Vice President and Director Safety, Environmental & Benefits Teichert Aggregates Chairman, NSSGA Safety & Health Committee T he work of NSSGA’s Health & Safety Committee is guided by the mission of safe production of stone, sand and gravel by our employees for sale to our customers. This is rooted in the Association’s Guiding Principles for Safety & Health, adopted in 2001. This mission also encompasses quality, stewardship and minimizing impact to our environment. Here is a recap of just some of the programs and strategies we are working on in the coming months. Your committee has been active and involved with the “new” U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration and enforcement. Because NSSGA is working diligently to help MSHA improve the consistency of its enforcement, we’ve begun to collect and analyze examples of citations and enforcement activities and place them on the NSSGA website for all members to see. Also placed on the website are collections of information and pictures of hazards whose citations have either been terminated or vacated. It’s our hope that this new program will provide best management practices across the United States based on MSHA inspections. This will enable NSSGA operators to view different ways of dealing with regulatory compliance while providing safe and healthy production within MSHA standards. Check it out at http://www.nssga. org/safetyhealth/index.cfm. The success of this database is predicated on your participation. We need you! Also, the committee has spent much time this year supporting the work of NSSGA’s Government Affairs Division on legislation said to target improvements in mine safety. This work has entailed distinguishing between safety issues in aggregates versus those in the coal sectors, as well as analysis of many legislative provisions and briefing Congress on the industry’s solid improvements in safety and health in recent years. But our committee’s work is broader than just dealing with MSHA compliance. We’re dedicated to the aggregates Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, November/December 2010 industry’s best possible performance in health and safety – including seeking out health issues and solutions that might not be readily discerned. We are currently doing surveys on health and safety from our members. This information will help drive training resources on health and safety issues so that fewer injuries result. Our next objective will be to measure performance through key leading indicators, because what can’t be measured cannot possibly be managed or improved. While it is difficult to schedule frequent face-to-face meetings, our committee members communicate monthly via teleconference. If you are interested in getting connected, please contact Joe Casper, NSSGA’s vice president of Safety Services, at (703) 526-1074/ As the chair, I was afforded the opportunity to speak at the NSSGA Young Leaders Annual Meeting this past April. Consisting of industry professionals 40 years of age and younger, the Young Leaders is an impressive group looking to develop leadership and management skills and build a network for the exchange of ideas that will help them individually and collectively make their companies more successful. We will continue to reach out to the Young Leaders to assist and educate them in health and safety principles, actions and compliance in concert with production, budgeting, permitting, reclamation, sales, quality control, regulations and people. We see these folks as an extension of company safety departments and solution creators on health and safety in our operations. Your NSSGA Safety & Health Committee pledges to do all it can to deliver information and programs that add value to the industry-wide effort to create a zero injury culture; a genuine workplace of healthy, safe production; and demonstrated caring and commitment in aggregate production. I welcome your comments or questions at (916) 484-3225/ ■ 19

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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - November/December 2010
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Notes from the Chair of the Health & Safety Committee
Safety Risk Management and Techniques Are Being Applied Worldwide
Achieving Wellness in the Workplace: An Occupational Health Program Is an Important Part of Any Company’s Health and Safety Practices
Once Again, The Future is Now
It’s Not Too Early to Consider Exhibiting Everything Aggregates Under One Roof
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Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - November/December 2010