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LEGISLATIVE & REGULATORY CALENDAR November 2010 15-19 Lame-duck session of Congress (EPA) Reconsideration of the Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Nonattainment New Source Review NSR: Aggregation - Final Rule December 2010 6-17 Lame-duck session of Congress (EPA) 2010 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan Final Rule (EPA) Review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking January 2011 6 Congressional Swearing-In Ceremony 112th Congress Convenes 25 State of the Union * The legislative and regulatory dates shown are targets and are subject to change; these are provided for general guidance only. The regulatory dates listed are those previously announced in the Federal Register. 489917_Wohwa.indd 1 9/29/10 12:04:05 AM Stone, Sand & Gravel Review, November/December 2010 497253_Polydeck.indd 1 9/20/10 10:22:51 AM9

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - November/December 2010

Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - November/December 2010
Events Calendar
Legislative & Regulatory Calendar
Industry Safety Improvements Gained Through Alliances, Safety Culture
Notes from the Chair of the Health & Safety Committee
Safety Risk Management and Techniques Are Being Applied Worldwide
Achieving Wellness in the Workplace: An Occupational Health Program Is an Important Part of Any Company’s Health and Safety Practices
Once Again, The Future is Now
It’s Not Too Early to Consider Exhibiting Everything Aggregates Under One Roof
Don’t Gamble on the Future
The 2010/2011 SME/NSSGA Student Design Competition is Under Way
Rip ‘N Share Safety Handout
Products & Services Guide Listings
Buyers’ Guide

Stone, Sand and Gravel Review - November/December 2010