The Edge - Second Quarter 2008 - (Page Cover1)

2008 - SECOND QUARTER T H E The quarterly publication of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association $16 SUMMER SEASON IN THE NORTHEAST ALSO: Build a Hot Tub Business Poo Pools, Spas & Those Nast Nasty Rashes: Part II Hyd Hydraulic Design for the Wow Factor Project Focus: An Indoor Beauty Hot Weather Concrete Shoots

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Edge - Second Quarter 2008

The Edge - Second Quarter 2008
The President’s Message
Rashes – When Chemicals Bite Back
How to Get Started as a Hot Tub Service Technician
Hydraulic Design for Impressive Effects
Project Focus
Shotcrete Work in Hot Weather
Make Safety Part of Your Work Culture
Products to Make Your Pools and Spas More Enjoyable
Index to Advertisers

The Edge - Second Quarter 2008