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STARTING A BUSINESS | by Willie Wise How to Get Started as a Hot Tub Service Technician Getting into the hot tub business is not nearly as tough as doing it correctly. Until recently, there were few, if any, reference manuals specific to the subject, and most training courses were manufacturer specific or only offered at the trade shows. That has now changed with the introduction of the Hot Tub Technician Manual from APSP. This is a great leap forward, but it is still not enough to determine if an individual has the necessary skills to perform hot tub service. Hot tub service is frustrating for many new technicians, even if they are handy or have some previous technical training. Few understand that almost every call that involves a part is going to be a “two-trip call” because it is almost impossible to have one of everything you might need on your truck. One trip will be used to learn what is wrong, and the next will be used to fix the issue. If the original problem was masking another problem, it is likely a third trip will necessary. The next challenge will be finding the correct part. Unless you have a working relationship with a parts distributor or a dealer for the make of tub you are dealing with, finding specific components will be a challenge. Therefore, before you buy a truck and take out a Yellow Pages ad, here are eight tips for new hot tub service technicians: 1. Learn basic electrical principles before attempting hot tub service. You will need hydraulics and chemical training, and mechanical aptitude is always a plus. However, unless you can use a meter, trace a circuit and follow a schematic, you will be working at a disadvantage for 70 to 90 percent of your jobs. Even worse, you might actually fix the reported problem only 14

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The Edge - Second Quarter 2008
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The Edge - Second Quarter 2008