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POOL CONSTRUCTION IN NORTHEAST | by George Seegebrecht Shotcrete Work in Hot Weather Work Efficiently to Accommodate Faster Setting Because elevated temperatures accelerate the chemical reaction of hydration, placing concrete or shotcrete in hot weather takes special care. Temperatures over 90˚F, clear sunny skies, windy conditions and low humidity all increase water demand in the mix and evaporation after concrete is placed and finished. These conditions accelerate concrete stiffening, reduce setting times and increase the danger of plastic and drying shrinkage. Without effective countermeasures, hot weather conditions will make the materials difficult to work with and more prone to cracking. 30

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The Edge - Second Quarter 2008
The President’s Message
Rashes – When Chemicals Bite Back
How to Get Started as a Hot Tub Service Technician
Hydraulic Design for Impressive Effects
Project Focus
Shotcrete Work in Hot Weather
Make Safety Part of Your Work Culture
Products to Make Your Pools and Spas More Enjoyable
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The Edge - Second Quarter 2008