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SAFETY | by Ron Derven Products to Make Your Pools and Spas More Enjoyable Safety was the theme at this year’s Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, held January 29-31, 2008, but it has been a key concern of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) (and the National Spa & Pool Institute before that) for more than 50 years. Pool and spa safety not only requires the construction and maintenance of a reliable product, but also the proper use of that product. To get the safety message out, APSP works with nationally recognized safety groups and with federal, state and local governments to ensure consumers are protected and have the most up-to-date information on pool, spa and hot tub safety. APSP works closely with code-making organizations to help develop the safest products possible. Meanwhile, NESPA has created a permanent Safety Committee, headed by Past NESPA President Steve Gorlin, and is working closely with a public relations firm to get out the safety message here in the northeast. The critical message that NESPA and APSP want to communicate to the consumer is that there should always be an adult designated to maintain constant visual contact with children whenever they are near, or could get near, any body of water. In addition, NESPA and APSP strongly promote the concept of “layers of protection.” This means that the pool, spa and/or hot tub needs to be equipped with several devices to delay unsupervised access or to warn of a child’s presence, including: • Fencing • Safety Covers • Alarms • Rope and Float Line • Rescue Equipment • Posted Emergency Information • Outside Telephone To Summon Help 38

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The Edge - Second Quarter 2008
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The Edge - Second Quarter 2008