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AT RETAIL | by Clive Ensher Delivering Retail THE FIRST ARTICLE I wrote in the 2009 2nd quarter issue of The Edge involved “cosmetic surgery” for your retail store. In this issue, I am posing 10 questions and answers to enhance the retail impact that your store delivers. I use the word impact because it is most appropriate in this situation. Webster defines impact as “To strike forcefully” and “The effect or impression of one thing upon another.” All the rules have changed at retail today – anything you do in the way of advertising or marketing has to create a dramatic and long-lasting impression. Your customers need constant reinforcement and reminders of who you are and what you sell, and this reinforcement has to go on day and night, not just 9 to 5. all happening” pool and spa store. There should be plenty of cars parked at the front of your store (Yes! your employees should park out front to give the impression that this is a busy, active place.) If nothing else, put an American flag out front…it moves in the breeze. People are always attracted to movement or animation; they will stop and check it out. If your retail environment is other than a stand-alone store, leave the door open; it says “Welcome, come on in.” Put plants and flowers outside to create a welcome environment. Make signs that say “This way to UNBELIEVABLE SUMMER FUN” or “This way to pool and spa BARGAINS OF A LIFETIME.” Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your words. Remember, you don’t want this to be just a pool and spa store; you want it to be the greatest gift center in the world for nonstop pool and spa fun, relaxation and enjoyment. 1. HOW IS YOUR RETAIL VISABILITY? If you have a stand-alone store and someone drives by 20, 30, 40 or 50 mph, would that person be able, at a quick glance, to know what you are selling? You have to create a nanosecond adverting impact. How do you do this? The answer is very simple – big, bigger, biggest, jumbo, huge, gigantic signs, banners, movement and activity. You have to create the visual impact that this is the “where it’s 10 2. DOES YOUR STORE DELIVER THE MESSAGE EVEN WHEN IT’S CLOSED AT NIGHT? You should have bright lights and colored lights accenting the building or “pool park,” and these lights should be left on all night long. In at least one display window, there should be

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The Edge - Q2 2011
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Are Your Suppliers Giving You the Tools You Need to Succeed?
Smart Tips to Boost Profi ts Today’s pool and spa professionals know how to survive a tough economic climate.
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The Edge - Q2 2011