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THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | by Rob Romano Critical VGB Act Training and Outreach Under Way AT NESPA, it is all about helping you, and in the first few months of this year we were extraordinarily busy delivering member programs. First, there was the tremendously successful Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, then the in-depth Professional Training Institute (PTI) classes, and now Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) training of code officials and industry professionals throughout our four-state region. The VGB Act was created with one of its goals to help prevent drowning and entrapments through proper design and maintenance of pools and spas. As you may be aware, we recently were awarded a contract from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to train code officials and pool professionals in our region. We began the actual training program in February, and it will continue right through the spring and summer. Our program consists of a three-hour session titled “Safe Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs SAVE Lives.” The training is meant to educate building and health code officials on the details of the VGB Act and their state codes. We have created eight individualized training programs specific to each state and each type of code official. Our program titled “Got It Covered” is an effort to reach out to public pool facilities to educate lifeguards, CPOs, pool managers and other facility staff on the details of the act and daily checklists to ensure pools are safe and up to code every day. We will also participate in many VGB Act and industry related events around the region to spread awareness. Code officials are given an incredibly important, yet sometimes hard task of inspecting pools for compliance to both the VGB Act and their state codes. That’s a lot to learn when pools are only one part of their code responsibility. Making sure everyone gets the information they need is our goal. This is why VGB education and outreach is so important to everyone in the industry: code officials, public pool operators, lifeguards and managers and industry professionals. Our training focuses on each of these groups, and awareness will spread exponentially. Besides direct training, we have created a website to assist everyone concerned about the VGB Act. The website was developed as part of our contract with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to administer P&SS Act training around our four-state region to code officials and public pool facilities. We feel that the website is also a great source for our members to obtain quick and detailed information on the P&SS Act, so we hope that industry professionals find it useful. Please visit this new website by clicking the link on NESPA’s home page,, or visiting Our new website is broken out into four easy-to-use sections: TRAINING EVENTS AND SCHEDULE As the name implies, this section offers information on P&SS Act training and important events for P&SS Act education. The training focuses on preventing drowning and entrapment through code compliance, and the sessions are broken out by each state and by both building code and health code officials. HEALTH AND BUILDING CODE OFFICIALS Health and building code officials are responsible for enforcing both their state and local codes and the national P&SS Act. This page is critical to code officials, builders, pool operators and anyone who maintains or renovates public pools, as it gives easy access to state-by-state codes and lists all of the upcoming training events in the region. In most cases, officials who attend training receive CEU credit for their participation in the three-hour seminars, which NESPA began to offer in March of this year. PUBLIC POOL FACILITIES The ’Public Pool Facilities’ section of the website is designed for those who directly care for public pools, including life guards, managers, operators (CPOs) and professionals who provide maintenance and builders. NESPA will begin distributing lanyard cards, posters and checklists to public pool facilities to distribute to lifeguards and other staff to ensure that they fully understand what needs to be done every day before opening the pool. INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS The final section of the new website connects industry professionals to state codes and the NESPA website. | Rob Romano is president of NESPA, an APSP affiliate, for the 2010-2011 term. THE EDGE 7

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