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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Editor’s Note: The Edge welcomes letters to the editor. If you would like to comment on a recent article, please email Ron Derven Editor, TO THE EDITOR: The intent for this article was to explain the various ways in which pool professionals can embrace energy efficient equipment. With print space considerations, only so much could be communicated. Thus, I provided an overview of available technologies; however, I apologize for overlooking robotic cleaning innovations. Mr. Erlich is correct that while the benefits of two-speed and variable-speed motors provide a reduction in energy consumption, we must educate pool professionals on not “overselling” their performance when partnering with either a pressure or suction side type cleaner. Both Mr. Erlich and I share a vision for our industry’s future, and the view that the health of our industry will be based on broadening the knowledge through training and education on new energy efficient products. Pool professionals today cannot rest on their laurels, but must reach for a higher standard. Revolutionizing our industry will depend on all segments of the industry pulling together to expand industry training and education, as well as helping consumers understand and realize the value of energy efficiency in pool constructions and renovations. The goal is to reach “gold.” Since Mr. Erlich and I are both old-timers in the industry, we can appreciate that with the influx of younger pool professionals today some haven’t the knowledge of the history of robotics. Thanks, Mr. Erlich, for sharing your expertise for readers of The Edge! Respectfully, Connie Sue Centrella, M.B.A. Department Chair – Keiser University Aquatic Engineering Technology Direction of Education, Team Horner Group ‘GREEN REVOLUTION’ IN THE POOL INDUSTRY TO THE EDITOR: Professor Connie Sue Centrella’s eloquently presented article titled “A Green Revolution. Are You on Board?” in the 2011 – First Quarter issue of The Edge was spot on regarding direction and opportunities available to our industry with energy efficiency. However, the professor misstated that the first green revolution emergence was with “the implementation of variable speed pumps to reduce energy consumption.” To this, I write the following argument. Albeit, the variable speed pump transition is a wonderful step in the right direction, although not necessarily without its own downsides, such as the difficulty or inability to operate many suction-side and return-pressure-side cleaners in a pump’s energy-efficient low speed. This is especially true in markets like Florida, where the variable speed pumps have already become mandated as law. Th is has spurred the interest of consumers, builders, service professionals and retailers alike toward self-contained cleaners of the robotic type that are proven to be over 88 percent more energy efficient (over 93 percent more efficient than booster pump pressureside cleaners) and work without the need for dedicated lines, booster pumps or the pool’s fi lter. The core issue I have is that the respected and reputable professor overlooked the fact that the first green revolution emerged in 1982, which has proven itself more than a million times over globally with the introduction of the Aquabot/Aqua Products robotic pool cleaners. In comparison to two- and variable-speed pumps, Aquabots provide as much as 10 times the energy efficiency of the most efficient Title 20 compliant pumps. The professor’s recognition of consumers’ eco-friendly wants and good green health aspirations coupled with “green to gold” rewards demonstrates a precise clarity that is refreshing, honest and acutely aware of the trends. Furthermore, her examples help to clarify in detail consumers’ interests; “i.e., where the products come from, how energy efficient are they and how they can improve health.” In short, “A Green Revolution. Are You on Board?” is a green roadmap for finding gold, if the trade members are willing to learn something new, intelligent and simply right for our country and their businesses. Respectfully, Gil L. Erlich VP, Sales & Marketing, Aqua Products, Inc. 8

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