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SERVICE GOLD | by Ron Derven ‘It’s Customer Service First to Last’ Pool World’s top team. WHAT DOES IT take to win a Gold medal in NESPA’s annual Service Company of Excellence Awards? According to Pool World’s owner, David Petito, who was one of three Gold Medal winners in the 2011 NESPA competition, it is customer service fi rst to last. “Everything in our business comes down to customer service,” he explained. “We are a second-generation family business and we have actually been in our building at 249 Highway 35 in Red Bank, New Jersey, for 30 years. Besides our service operation, we also build inground pools.” Petito’s father, Art, got into the pool and spa industry in the early 1970s. In the early 1980s he started Pool World. “When you are in one location for 30 years, you will have a strong customer following,” continued Petito. “You will have your roots firmly set in the community. We focus on our immediate community here first and foremost. With all of the work that we do, 95 percent of our business is probably within 10 miles of Red Bank.” QUICK RESPONSE TIME Even though Pool World has been serving the Red Bank community for 30 years, it takes nothing for granted regarding response time. “With our fleet, when a homeowner calls, we have the ability to get out to their pool usually the same day or within 24 hours, even in the spring when time is at a premium. We understand that owning a pool is like owning a boat in the sense that when you want something done, you want it done now.” Besides having the manpower and commitment to respond, Petito said that another critical element to serving the customer well is having the in-depth inventory to repair or replace what is necessary, usually in one trip. Being a family-owned and operated business, the people at Pool World take everything personally. For example, even though the firm has specific, posted business hours, its customers know that when people are in the facility – usually hours before and hours after typical business hours – the door is 14

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Service Gold At Pool World, ‘it’s customer service fi rst to last.’
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The Edge - Q2 2012