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SOLAR POOL HEATING SYSTEMS | by Frank McLaughlin Add to Your Offerings This Season; Solar Heating Your Customers Will Thank You NEWS FLASH: THE price of oil, gas and electric are rising. It is time to do yourself and your customers a favor by adding a new product category to your offerings: solar pool heating systems. Solar pool heating systems were invented back in the 1970s. They were called plastic solar heating systems, or thermal systems. They were and are relatively simple devices. For the typical system in the Northeast, swimming pool water is pumped through plastic pipes that go from the pool to the solar panels by the same pump that circulates water in the pool. The water heats up and flows back into the pool. That’s it. There is no heat exchanger required and there is no fancy technology – just plastic pipes. The system is like a glorified garden water hose. If you leave a garden hose in the sun for 20 minutes, the water that comes out is hot. The beauty of the solar pool heating system is that you can heat a lot of water on a continuous basis, not just the two or three gallons that come out of a garden hose. Because a special high-tech plastic is used in these systems today, swimming pool water does not affect it. A good quality system that is installed properly and maintained (you have to drain the system completely in the fall in the Northeast) will last 15-20 years or longer. These solar systems are not fussy like other swimming pool heaters where the heat exchanger can corrode if the pH is wrong. READ THE EDGE ONLINE AT WWW.NAYLORNETWORK.COM/NSP-NXT 21 http://WWW.NAYLORNETWORK.COM/NSP-NXT

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Add Solar Heating to Your Off erings Th is Season
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The Edge - Q2 2012