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WATER CHEMISTRY | by Patricia Fitzgerald Five Sources of ERROR in Water Testing AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM Water testing is not rocket science. Sixteenyear-old lifeguards do it successfully all the time. But on the other hand, you can’t sleepwalk through a procedure and still expect to get accurate results. Here are the five sources of error in water analysis. Common mistakes are listed under each, along with the solution. Resolve to eliminate any of these impediments to your testing prowess. THE SAMPLING LOCATION Take a sample of water that is representative of the whole pool or spa, not from the surface, which is subject to special conditions, or in the immediate THE EDGE 23 WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? We found 12 testing mistakes. (Answers at the bottom of page 25.)

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The Edge - Q3 2009
The President’s Message
Commercial Pools Struggle to Comply with Virginia Graeme Baker Act
Energy Crisis = Opportunity
Is There a Solar Energy Business in Your Future?
Project Focus
Five Sources of Error in Water Testing and What to do About Them
Perimeter Pool Decking
Pressure Testing to Detect and Locate Leaks
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The Edge - Q3 2009