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PUTTING THE PRESSURE ON | by Lance Anderson Pressure Testing to Detect and Locate LEAKS As water conservation becomes an increasingly pertinent issue that affects our industry, preventing, finding and fixing leaks has become an unavoidable task for pool builders as well as service professionals. While leaks in a pool’s shell, liner or equipment are certainly burdensome to find, they are usually visible and can be detected with visual inspection methods. Plumbing leaks, on the other hand, especially in lines that have been buried underground, require more drastic measures – pressure testing. THE EDGE 29

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The Edge - Q3 2009
The President’s Message
Commercial Pools Struggle to Comply with Virginia Graeme Baker Act
Energy Crisis = Opportunity
Is There a Solar Energy Business in Your Future?
Project Focus
Five Sources of Error in Water Testing and What to do About Them
Perimeter Pool Decking
Pressure Testing to Detect and Locate Leaks
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The Edge - Q3 2009