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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | by Pete Lucey Join the Push Toward Energy Conservation It is Great for the Environment and Good for Business HELPING OUR CURRENT and future customers cut energy costs on pools and spas is one of those win-win situations where we help our customers, help the economy, help to create a cleaner environment and potentially improve our bottom line. And there is no time like the present, in this slumping economy, to begin helping customers save money by retrofitting energy-hogging equipment currently installed in the pool. As NESPA Executive Director Lawrence Caniglia details in an outstanding article beginning on page 13 in this issue of The Edge, there are literally scores of ways to help our customers save money. He begins with a discussion of piping, which no one should miss. While most of our customers are not about to tear up their yards (and their pool) to install an energy efficient layout of pipes, that energy-efficient layout should be part of a powerful presentation when our builder members close on new pool projects now and in the future. Such a presentation would be eye-opening to most consumers and set our builder members far apart from the competition. The second topic in the article is pool covers. Any pool that does not have a cover needs one, and needs one now. The energy loss from a pool without a cover is just astounding. A Btu is a measure of energy – it takes one Btu to raise one pound of water one degree F. But each pound of 800F water that evaporates from a pool wastes 1,048 Btus! When you prevent this kind of heat loss by evaporation while furnishing the customer with perhaps a solar cover to capture the free energy of the sun, the cover sale should be an easy one. The third topic is pool heaters. One area that he focuses on is heaters with continuous burning pilot lights. A standard gas fired heater with a continuous burning pilot wastes nearly 1,000 Btus an hour. Do the math and calculate the energy waste over the four months that the pool is heated here in the northeast. It is plain to see that an energy efficient heater could pay for itself in no time. His final topic is pool pumps. Any of us who attended NESPA’s outstanding Code Forum program on Monday before the opening of the big Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show learned about the great energy savings available through two-speed and dual-speed pumps. Here again, for pools and spas lacking in the latest equipment, the sale should be an easy one. Please read this excellent piece on energy conservation in pools and spas, as well as the article on starting a solar energy business. These two articles together, and the rest of the editorial package we have put together in this issue, just might spark some new thinking on your part. | Pete Lucey is president of NESPA, an APSP Affiliate, for the 2008-2009 term of office. THE EDGE 9 …there is no time like the present, in this slumping economy, to begin helping customers save money by retrofitting energyhogging equipment currently installed in the pool.

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The Edge - Q3 2009
The President’s Message
Commercial Pools Struggle to Comply with Virginia Graeme Baker Act
Energy Crisis = Opportunity
Is There a Solar Energy Business in Your Future?
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Five Sources of Error in Water Testing and What to do About Them
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The Edge - Q3 2009