The Edge - Q3 2009 - (Page Cover1)

2009 – THIRD QUARTER T H E The quarterly publication of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association $16 CommerCial Pools struggle to Comply With VgB act Energy Savings: Good for Environment and Business Solar Energy Add-On Business Water Testing Errors – and What to Do About Them Avoiding Deck Frost Heave

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Edge - Q3 2009

The Edge - Q3 2009
The President’s Message
Commercial Pools Struggle to Comply with Virginia Graeme Baker Act
Energy Crisis = Opportunity
Is There a Solar Energy Business in Your Future?
Project Focus
Five Sources of Error in Water Testing and What to do About Them
Perimeter Pool Decking
Pressure Testing to Detect and Locate Leaks
Index to Advertisers

The Edge - Q3 2009