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MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS | by Ron Derven Understanding Social Media YOU MAY BE comfortable with email, email lists, contact lists and your website, but if you attended a session on social media at this year’s Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, you might have been surprised to learn that the website you worked so hard on last year may not cut it this year. Now, to make an impact (and protect your business), you need to get involved in social media and social media marketing. In this first in a series of articles on social media marketing, we will try to define social media, tell you why it is critical to your business, show you areas of social media that you should investigate and detail some of the more popular social media websites. Social media? At first glance, it looks easy to define and understand. We all know what it means to be “social.” And then there is “media,” which is also easy – Fox News, The New York Times, CNN and The Washington Post. So, combining the two and coming up with a definition should be easy, but it is not. If you cannot define social media easily, join the crowd. A lot of the people who should know better have problems nailing down a good definition. Those who understand the concept define social media as a mechanism for enabling conversation. Social media refers to the actions, behaviors and practices among groups of people or communities that get together online to share opinions, knowledge and information. A simple example of this would be a blog on trout fishing. There, enthusiasts will get together to discuss the most miniscule aspects of the sport. The social media JOIN THE CONVERSATION ON SEARCH ENGINES Let’s say your business is headquartered in Toms River, New Jersey. If a Toms River consumer goes to Google. com and keys in “pool chemicals,” “pool and spa service,” or “inground concrete pools,” your company will probably appear somewhere in the first three million search results. However, by spending just a few minutes with Google, you can appear at the top of that local search. Many in the pool and spa industry and other businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity to appear at the top of Google listings – without spending any money. Go to and key in: Local Business Center page. Once you are on that page, go to “Add a New Business” and add your business. Once you fill in all of your business’s details, you will be able to upload photos and videos, specify categories, payment options, business hours and much more.

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The Edge - Q3 2010
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The Edge - Q3 2010