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POOL & SPA SAFETY Chapters Initiate Safety Programs to Save Lives Metro Chapter’s W histle Watch Program. TWO OF NESPA’S chapters, the Long Island Pool & Spa Association and the Metro Chapter of New York and New Jersey, have launched safety programs to help remind consumers about the need for safety around the pool. Called KidSwim Long Island™, the Long Island Chapter’s program has reached more than 9,000 children of kindergarten age who told their parents all about safety after seeing the program at school. According to Executive Director Karen Pinto, the program runs between 20-30 minutes and most take place at an elementary school’s cafeteria or all-purpose room where children from the school’s kindergarten classes can join together to watch it. Many of the excited kindergarteners know about swimming safely because an older brother or sister saw the program last year or the year before. “The program consists of a Gus & Goldie puppet show, originally created by the City of El Paso, Texas, and a Power Point presentation of “Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim,” developed by Stewart Leonard III Children’s Charities. Each child is then sent home with a bag that contains the “Stewie the Duck” book/cd, a Gus and Goldie coloring book, a safety brochure for the parents from APSP and stickers.” Pinto said that ideally the chapter likes to have four of its members give the presentation. That includes two people working the Gus & Goldie puppets, one person working the Power Point and another who MCs the event. Chapter participants who have presented the KidsSwim program include: Karen Pinto, Kyle Chaikin, Frank Collora, Amelia Chiarmonte, Bill Manning, Mike Minogue, Mike Truehart, Ian Fyffe and Rob Inzerillo. The Metro Chapter is instituting what it calls a Whistle Watch program, according to Past President John Migliaccio. “When a member’s customer purchases something, we want them to put a special coupon into the bag along with the item and sales receipt. This coupon invites the customer to enter a raffle on the Metro Chapter website to win a whistle. But our program is so much more than just a whistle. “We are giving away free whistle safety kits, which includes a placard, a whistle and a lanyard that you would wear around your neck with the whistle attached. The whistle is an Acme Thunder, which is only made in England. These are the same whistles that the NFL uses, because they are shrill. You can sit at a football game with 50,000 people yelling and you will hear that whistle.” The whistle safety kit has a value of $29.95. “What we are trying to do,” said Migliaccio, “is establish that there needs to be someone watching the kids in the pool—a designated person—at all times. If that person needs to leave the pool for any reason, he or she needs to hand over that whistle to another responsible adult who will hold the whistle in their hand and be responsible for the children who are swimming. Then the children must be taught that if that whistle is blown, everyone in the pool needs to get out immediately and let the adults handle the problem.” | Long Island Chapter tells kindergarteners all about swimming safely. THE EDGE 11

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